Bigg Boss 14: Sofia Hayat Lash out on makers after Rakhi Sawant Peeing In Her Pants

Sofia Hayat Lash out on makers after Rakhi Sawant Peeing In Her Pants: Shortly before ‘Bigg Boss 14’ Rakhi Sawant had urinated during a task. Bigg Boss had given a task to provide food to the family. In this task, the house was divided into 2 parts. There was a kitchen in one part and a bathroom in the other. Rakhi Sawant was part of the kitchen red team. In such a situation, Arshi Khan did not let Rakhi Sawant go to the bathroom. After which Rakhi Sawant was forced to urinate in her pants. This scene has been shown on TV. There was an uproar on social media after seeing this situation of Rakhi Sawant .

To show this footage of Rakhi Sawant, people were loudly listening to the makers. Meanwhile, ex-contestant Sophia Hayat of Bigg Boss has also come in support of Rakhi Sawant. Shortly before, Sofia Hayat has heard the makers fiercely. Sophia Hayat believes that these scenes could have been edited.

Speaking to The Times of India, Sophia Hayat said, ‘I have seen the episode in which Rakhi Sawant had pee in her pants. She was already upset with her thirst. He was also feeling very hungry. Rakhi Sawant did not lose courage during the task. Rakhi Sawant performed well in the task. She is playing very well in the show. ‘

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Further Sophia Hayat said, ‘I think the makers could have removed this scene of Rakhi Sawant. This is unbecoming of a girl. How can these scenes be shown on National TV? Rakhi Sawant is seen urinating on National TV. I am disappointed by the makers of Bigg Boss 14. All these actions do not suit Bigg Boss 14’s house. Here the housemates just keep fighting without any meaning.

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