Bigg Boss 14, Weekend Ka Vaar Rahul Vaidya will be returning to the house

Bigg Boss 14’s weekend ka war today is once again full of entertainment. With interesting challengers and current housemates, the Bigg Boss House is fully charged, as everyone increases their game and cuts out their competitors. The Weekend Ka War episode is here and Salman Khan is back to take stock last week and give the housemates some interesting tasks. The first thing is that the housemates have broken each other’s ‘galatfahmi ke gubbare’! They all thought they should wear balloons on their heads and blow up a balloon of each housemate contestant. Vikas is quick to blow Arshi’s balloon as she thinks he is afraid of her. Nikki is beside Jasmine’s bubble burst, and she opts for the piercing Eijaz’s balloon. Eijaz blows up Aly’s balloon and their old friendship seems to be on the verge of collapse.

With all the tension, now is a little fun time and master host Salman Khan decides to have fun with all the housemates. Every housemate is called to a confession room, where Salman asks him a few questions. If other housemates disagree with the person’s answer, be surprised! Rakhi has gone before, and she wonders about her reactions in the form of a boatload of colors! Salman said Bigg Boss filled his mango when he threw a trench full of red on her! Next up is Rahul, who also gets a hilariously dry bath of colors thrown at him!

Rahul Vaidya is back and Salman Khan is facing some tough questions as he exits the show. Standing in Qatar, Rahul tries his best to respond to Salman. He asks him if Rahul is a fake householder. How can people who voted for him, trust him now when he chooses to leave the show on a whim? Grilling intensifies and it is up to the housemates now to decide whether to let Rahul back on the show. Will Eijaz and Aly’s feud lead to new rivalry? Will Rahul enter the house again?

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