Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar SPOILER ALERT: Salman Khan to slam Abhinav Shukla in today’s Weekend KaVaar episode, and more.

He says revenge is a chilled dish. At Big Boss House, it is served the same way with large foam-covered palms! In the special Weekend Ka War episode, Jarina Ekta Kapoor of Indian Television makes an elegant entry and enhances the entertainment factor at home. She lets housemates take revenge on her fellow contestants. Housemates are given big fake hands on which they can spray foam and splash across the faces of those housemates who want to take revenge.

Kavita is the first person to splash Aly and Jasmine’s faces with vengeful foam hands. They say the two are behaving badly and creating negativity at home. On Kavita, Ollie uses both of her opportunities to avenge the foam hand! Next Aijaz also decides to use both of his chances to avenge Kavita, and their rivalry continues. Ekta seems pleased and says that the feelings the contestants are experiencing are genuine and that they are playing the game accordingly.

Later, Bigg Boss asks a very relevant question for friendships. Housemates need to nominate only four people who believe they are friends so they can be used. In this round, Ally and Kavita have a conflict and they both accuse each other of not being real to each other and using their means to reach friendships. ALSO Read – Kartina Kaif got herself tested for Covid-19 before beginning her shoot

Master host Salman Khan takes Rubina and Abhinav to task. He says that Abhinav’s actions in Bigg Boss make Rubina look bad. Salman says Abhinav always keeps his image safe and his wife Rubina is made to look like a baddie! Rubina also agrees with the fact that her husband Abhinav is making her look weak. This is a very emotional moment as they become aware of the differences between the couple.

Will Kavita make more enemies than friends at Bigg Boss House? How does Rubina and Abhinav face this crisis? Will their relationship be able to withstand the challenges that Big Boss constantly faces on them?

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