Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar Written Update: Salman Khan slams Abhinav, Ronnit for their immaturity

Housemates started with tagging each other with animal names. Things soon heated up when Kavita Kaushik returned with her husband Ronit Biswas to BB14 and Abhinav Shukla was accused of sending violent texts. However, the show ended on a sweet note when Jasmine Bhasin asked if she loved Aly Goni and wanted to spend her life with her.

The houses are tagged as Ghoda, Bandar and Saanp
The serial began with the first act. The original contestants of Bigg Boss 14 had to be challenged and branded according to the qualities they share with animals. He unanimously branded Manu Punjabi as Ghoda (horse) and he is impressed by his game plan. Rahul Mahajan was given a Bandar (Monkey) badge while Vikas Gupta was given a Sanp (Snake) tag. Rakhi Sawant was branded as a jangly billi (wild cat) and Arshi Khan was tagged as a githad (fox) by which he strongly disagreed. Ally and Arshi had a little conflict about that. Finally, Kashmera was branded as Magarmach (crocodile).

Salman Khan greeted Bigg Boss 14 housemates and welcomed new faces. He asked Rahul about his tag. He said that if anyone deserves to be an ape, Manu will always dance to EIjaz’s tunes. Manu agreed to the horse tag. Salman seems to be upset about the tag for Vikas and thinks Manu is the snake. He said Manu has played brilliantly this week and is the hero instead of Vikas.

Salman Manu’s Team Flap Strategy Decodes
Salman challenged Ijaz Khan’s tactic of voluntarily losing his job and putting himself in danger of saving Kashmir. He said it was the group’s decision to save Kashmir. Abhinav also said that he was not included in the decision although he was part of the action. He then questioned Ijaz for being physically involved in the second day’s work. Later, he was criticizing Manu Punjabi’s strategy. Manu said Rubina admitted defeat to save Abhinav but Rubina said he never said yes or no and did not want to confuse the opposition team. Later, Rahul summed up the whole situation in a hilarious way.

Salman Khan slams Arshi Khan
Salman then moved on to Arshi, who was the captain of his team. Salman will again be feeding his ‘Gelat Ke Laddu’, he said. It didn’t go right with Salman. He warned her that he was always friendly and respectful when talking to her. He felt that she should be a little more respectful when talking to the host while Salman was always very polite with her. When Arshi tried to take his words back, Salman made it clear that he would not take such a cheek from her. He said he wants all the feedback he gives to the housemates to have a respectful departure.

When Salman Vikas Gupta was asked about his conversation with Arshi, he was fired. They said it was their folly to deliberately lose their jobs and endanger themselves. When asked about Salman Rahul’s opinion, he said he was enjoying his fight and didn’t know what was really happening.

Salman told Manu that he is known for playing with his heart during his season. Earlier they were analyzing the situation but now they are over-analyzing the situation.

Jasmine apologized for her comments at a public school
When Saman asked Jasmine why he compared challengers to public school children and called themselves convent schools. She confessed her mistake and apologized to her. She acknowledged that she was out of public school but she was out of competition. Salman said one should not compare different schools.

Next, it’s Allie’s turn. Salman said it was wrong if he thought Housemates Rubina and Jasmine should break up their friendship. He asked him to let Jasmine play his free game.

Kavita receives Abhinav sending violent text messages
Salman Khan spoke to Vikas Gupta Abhinav Shukla about revealing outside material. Kavita Kaushik’s husband Ronit Biswas tweeted that Abhinav had an alcohol problem and sent rude texts to Kavita. He said he has not talked about the show since abandoning BB14. She said her husband Ronit Biswas tweeted so he could clarify. Ronit said the two tweets had nothing to do with them.

Kavita accused Abhinav of sending violent messages and said he never sent her bad texts. Abhinav said he would love to see the violent nature of the messages and deal with it in legal fashion. Kavita refused to move back and asked Abhinav to say out loud why they ended their friendship.

Ronit to make Salman Abhinav and His Private Life Public
Host Salman Khan seems to have had enough of this fight. Salman asked the couple how long they were getting married. He said that if Kavita and Abhinav were friends eight to nine years ago, they would be married for about three years. Salman told Abhinav that everything is behind them. Abhinav said she would like to know what Kavita means ‘friends of benefits’. She also brawled against Ronit for putting Kavita’s life on social media. He stepped in and asked all parties to take a step back and reflect on each other’s behavior.

Salman Abhinav did not ask to expand the matter
Meanwhile, Rubina broke down and could not be appeased after the whole argument. Salman asked Abhinav not to take this as a legal touch. He asked him not to expand the matter. “I don’t want people inside the house taking my name like they did with everyone,” Kavita said. It is a misunderstanding and a lot of respect for Rubina and Kavita but men have shown insecurity and immaturity, ”Salman said. He asked his wife to apologize.

Jasmine wants to accept her love
Jasmine Bhasin had a conversation with Ali Goni about each other’s feelings. Everyone is saying she loves her but she needs to know it from him, ”she said. Ally said one should know and never start this. When Jasmine asked if he wanted her to propose to him, he said he wasn’t on the show. Later, Jasmine was asked to say, “We both need to be aware of it and have it.” When Allie asks what she wants him to accept. When Jasmine asks if he loves her. Ally said they are more than friends but hesitant to accept their love on the show.

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