Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar Written Update: What happened in BB14 house today?

In Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka War, Salman Khan criticized housemates for allegedly ganging up against Rakhi Sawant and Vikas Gupta. He also revealed the game plan of Aly Goni and Rahul Vaidya.

Uneven food distribution at home. The host Salman Khan made sure that the housemates realized how far he had gone and corrected his attitude with his helpful advice. She also criticized Jasmin Bhasin and Nikki Tamboli for speaking with Rakhi Sawant and mocking her.


The episode began with Salman Khan showing how Vikas Gupta suggested that people were not getting equal food. Vikas said he was starving. Aly said I was taking ‘Faultu Ki Sympathy’. He said not everyone is given equal amounts of food. He spoke for Rakhi, who did not feed when he asked. Rubina said they were turning the whole house against her to get sympathy. Vikas became emotional and spoke to Arshi about the unequal distribution of food.

Salman asked Rubina how Vikas was trying to get sympathy by talking about food. Rubina said he and Abhinav tried to provide relief but he did not listen to them. Vikas said it’s not about getting food but about inequality in the kitchen. Salman criticized the pettyness of the housemates. He said he had made Vikas a soft target and ganged up against him.


Salman showed Jasmin mocking Rakhi Sawant. While Rakhi does the dishes, Nikki teases her. If Nikki threatens Rakhi, Jasmine and Rubina and other housemates mock her. When Rakhi moved her head, Jasmin mocked her cosmetic surgery. Rakhi called Jasmine a ‘chudail’. They get into a war of words. Jasmin tells Rakhi that the nose falls and calls her ‘Fatehli’.

Salman Jasmin, Nikki, Rubina, Rahul  Against Rakhi Sawant He said it was shocking. Jasmin said she was ashamed of herself. Salman condemned Rubina for not taking a stand and correcting Nikki and Jasmine. He told Jasmin that he was looking really bad at the show and he said he was very bad and caustic. She was criticized for lacking empathy.


When Salman Khan points out that Aly Goni is behaving badly with Vikas Gupta. Vikas asked him to speak up and make no baseless allegations. “Mary ur Jasmin ki bahut jayada badnami ye kar rahe bahr (He was blaming me and Jasmin),” said Ali. Ali told Salman that Vikas was blackmailing and people were threatening to interfere with his work. Vikas broke down after hearing his allegations.

After making a weekly call, EIjaz Khan was asked about his broken friendship with Nikki Tamboli. He told her he couldn’t be friends with her because she was so rude and didn’t know how to talk. Salman told Nikki that she is very rude and needs to work on it.

Salman has said that Bigg Boss is emerging as a movie story that can be titled as ‘Hum Log Vo Log’. He revealed the game plan of the old contestants, who formed the group to dispose of the challengers. Salman revealed Aly’s game plan and how he was fooling the housemates. Salman warned Aly and his team to be wary of others being too numerous.

Later, Satish Kaushik and Pankaj Tripathi were in the show to promote their Kagaj film. He even had a fun job for the contestant.


Salman welcomed Sunny Leone on stage. He also sang Salman’s popular number Jag Ghumeia. Later, he entered the BB house for the tunes of Laila Main Laila. She calls herself Dr. She introduced herself as Sunny Leone and mentioned the current state of affairs between the housemates. In the first place Iviz confessed that he lovingly avoids Pavitra Punia. He even left a message of love to her. Next up was Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni. The two shared a moment of love and Allie proposed to Sunny Jasmin.

Sunny gave Vikas a head massage. When asked to speak his heart about the contestants. Vikas is good but it is not good to mess with her, she said. He likes Jasmine but he is only good to her friends. Dr. Rahul and Rubina are next in Sunny’s clinic and the two try to throw out false ideas against each other. Nikki, who is next, tears up the image of Aly, who she admits she loves. When asked by Sunny about her game plan, Arshi said that Rubina was her main competitor and that Rubina would not affect her.

After Sunny’s departure, Rakhi and Rubina were announced as winners, introduced by Shehnaz Gill and Dharmesh Yelande. After they leave the BB house they get a chance to go on an international tour.

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