Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka War episode: Rubina Dilaik promises to step out of Abhinav Shukla’s shadow, Nikki Tamboli says she will make friends and ditch them

TV and filmmaker Ekta Kapoor advises contestants on their weaknesses and strengths in the upcoming Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka War episode. The new promo for the show shows Ekta talking to Rubina Dilek about how her perspective is usually influenced by her husband and co-contestant Abhinav Shukla.

In the promo, Ekta tells Rubina that her point of view is largely aligned to her husband’s point of view. In her defense, the actor says, “The circumstances are tricky for me. He is confused because I know he wants my good. I hope to do what I want because right or wrong, the decision is mine. I am afraid of disrespecting him. ”

Giving a piece of advice, Ekta said to her, “Playing as a team doesn’t mean you always have to accept each other. Are you not disrespecting yourself by not playing your own game? The game is yours, the victory is yours, so play for yourself, even against Abhinav. ”

Rubina also found support in social media. A fan responding to the promo wrote on Twitter, “Rubina Dilek is a strong woman. She will find a way to strike a balance between her opinion and stance and Abhinav’s advice because he never thinks badly of her and is new to this game, so anyone can go wrong anytime. Shine on Rubina, the audience is with you. ”Another wrote,“ #Rubina Dilek is such a clear and intelligent competitor. Sounds more mature than other bubblers in the house, she’s faking everything and the points she makes every day. ”

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In another video, Ekta tells Rubina that she wants to stand up for herself. Rubina assures her, “I want to promise myself that I will keep my point. I give my 200 percent. ”

In another part of the video, Ekta asks Nikki Tamboli about her strategy on the show. She makes friends at home but tells them to snatch them, because she’s done it. Giving an example of a fake friend, Nikki says that Ally Goni often tries to sweet-talk with her so that he can get her out for good.