Bigg Boss 15th February 2021 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 15th February 2021 Written Episode Update

Salman says all was well. They say Valentine is all ready here. He asks Windu what he needs most on Valentine’s Day. They say roses. Salman says people give roses and express their love on Valentine’s Day. Rahul calls Ali and brings him roses. These are black roses.
Salman says we will do a pink presentation in Bigg Boss style. You give a black rose to the person who invaded your heart. You should come and tell me Dast hurts my heart. And give them a black rose.

Ally: Rakhi says very bad words to Jasmine, she responds to her body and she says those words hurt me. Rakhi picks up the rose and says Happy Valentine.
Rakhi: She says I want to give Rubina a black rose, she doesn’t treat me as her own. She gives it to her.
Devo: Rubina’s actions hurt my heart because they say I want to give it up.
Nikki: I liked Ali and she expected him to stand up for me but she says he hurt my heart. She gives him a rose, Ally hugs her and wants her lovers.
Rubina: She says I want to give this rose to Rakhi because I can be patient but when Abhi comes in I cannot control it. I threw water on her for my husband’s honor, I forget what Rakhi did but she hurt me. She gives her a rose.
Rahul: He gives Nikki a rose as he talks about issues from the outside. I want the hate to end.

Salman asks his loved ones to lure them. Rahul screamed as happy Valentine Disha. Ally and Jasmine hug. Rubina says I am missing Abhi.

Salman tells Rahul that you sang the song for Jasmine-Ali but Jasmine’s expression was like she was thinking about breaking Rakhi’s nose. Everyone laughs. Salman asks Rahul to sing again and he asks Ali-Jasmine to dance as per my order. Salman asks Rubina to look extra happy. They say I’m happy for them. Rahul says that Rakhi wrote a few words for this song and Rubina also contributed.

Rahul sings the song for Jasmine-Ali while John plays the guitar. Sung by Rahul Teri Ankhain. Ally sits on her knees and kisses Jasmine’s forehead. All applause for them. Jasmine and Ally embrace Rahul. Salman says very good song. He asks if he’s missing Disha? Rahul says this was not for Ali and Jasmine alone. Salman says that we lose our life partners when we listen to romantic songs. Rahul says yes. Salman says that Rahul may soon marry, if he does not marry his love he will marry someone else again. Rahul says why are you saying this. I talked to Amit and she is gone, Salman says that’s okay. Are you serious? I’m stressed, please don’t joke. Amit told me this, don’t take the pressure, you can solve it when you come, says Salman. Now you have to pretend everything is okay. Salman asks Rubina if marriage and the band will have long term relationships with Baja.

The band comes home and starts playing wedding music. Jasmine says she’s finally coming. Rahul looks up. Dancing to all the band. Rakhi says Disha is coming. The door opens and Disha enters the house. Rahul stunned and hugged her through the glass. Disha danced for the team and greeted everyone. Ali finally says. Rahul asks how are you? The band stops and gives them all the cheer. Rahul says I can’t believe this. He asks her how she is. They say I’m fine, thank you for coming. Disha says I have to come, you look so good. He asks how he is. Why did you take so long? Disha says I was waiting for a special occasion, today is Valentine’s Day so I am here. I have a lot to say, every day, every minute I miss you a lot. I’ve been counting down the days to get you out of this show. Rahul wipes tears. Disha’s been the most boring 5 months for me, don’t worry and don’t cry. Stay strong, I’m waiting for you. Disha says hi to everyone. Disha says you all look good. Rubina says you look beautiful. Disha tells Rahul that you proposed to me but I was not here, you should do it now. All cheer for Alli. To the most beautiful girl sitting on Rahul’s knees, I never thought anyone would snatch my heart like this, I can’t see anything except you, I can’t wait for you to be the mother of my babies. Disha smiles. Rahul asks if she will marry him? Disha laughs and says that I have two demands. The first is the big wedding and the big diamond. Everyone laughs. Rahul says it’s over. Disha says I brought a thing. She brings yes ”board and says I will marry you, I love you very much. I can’t wait to start my life with you, I can’t wait to marry you. Disha tells Rahul that I am proud of you, I know you will win. Rahul says I want to invite Salman sir. I am a fan of Salman, I grew up watching him, says Disha. Rahul invited all the housemates and Salman to their wedding. When Rahul sees sadness on TV, Salman asks Disha, then how does she feel? Disha says I haven’t seen Rahul cry but he is crying every day so I feel bad. Salman asks Disha when she gets angry on the show She says no. Salman congratulated him. Salman says we have sent sweets to all of you. Disha says goodbye and leaves the house. Rubina congratulated Rahul. Nikki says she danced very well.

At home:
Rakhi asks Rahul if Ritesh will send a letter. Rahul says he is supporting your mother so he is with you, everything is fine. Rakhi says Valentine is my God. “I wish you both had a better life,” he says. Thank you Rahul.

On the Forum:
Salman says next week will be the Grand Finale. Salman welcomes Raghav to promote his dance performance.

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