Bigg Boss 4 Som got evicted from biggboss house in finale

Soma Shekar was ousted as the first eviction of the Bigg Boss finale.

A total of 18 contestants took part in the Big Boss Season 4 show, which began last October.

Five of the contestants were finalists Aari, Balaji, Rio, Ramya and Som while 13 of them were evicted.

Since there is only one winner in today’s finale, every contestant is kicked out of the Big Boss house. Their eviction is special because they are finalists.

Last season’s title winner, Mugen Big Boss, went home to pick up the first Evict rival in the final. Big Boss called Mugen, who had gone into the house, without forgetting the old one as Mr. Mugen.

Mugen was thus moved. Then Big Boss praised Mugen for your bad luck. Mugen then asked the housemates to hand over the trophy and place the access cards in the biometrics near the main door.

In it the contestant who is Access Accept said to come with me. Following this, each contestant placed an access card. But everyone’s access became tin.

Eventually it was understood as Mugen’s game.

Following that, Mugen told the finalists to sit in the place where the mask was stuck, and when the buzzer hit, the buzzer hit, and one of you said no. So the housemates tied each other up and said goodbye and put on the mask.

But no one was out even after the buzzer hit. Thus it was understood that it was also Mugen’s game. Finally, Big Boss told me to put the access card with the name in the store room and scan it.

He said it was Mugen’s decision to select people for the scan. Thus Mugen told everyone to scan first, and finally to scan Soma Sehgar. Som came as evicted when scanned.

Thus the first person from the finalists to leave the Big Boss house was Som. Som was the first person to win the Ticket to Finale and the first person to enter the Big Boss Finale. When he came out, he ate the chocolate that Ramya had already given him and left the envelope.

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