Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 10 December 2020 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil10 December 2020 Written Update Episode

64th at 8am. The morning wake-up song is played at home. The housemates woke up and danced to the Begail song and greeted each other.

At 9 am. Ari tells Bala
Anita deserves to go out as Sanam is a tough player. Ari is saying that whoever goes outside is tough players. Then what is the strategy. Individual players are going out of its way to be fair. Then the group stays here and quarrels with each other. Anita knew that her next goal was to tell him.

At 9.25am Bala says the call disconnect is a winner. Ari is on the spot because of the subject matter. He used to talk like that but he would bring unwanted things to tend to. Ari was telling him that Gabby had brought it out at the time but Gabby would take the name of Archana here when things got long.

Azid’s good is saved but who did he save? Rio. He didn’t save Anita. It’s happening this way. Then who gets rid of that gang. Archana treats her group like her sister, brother. He is sure Archana is not here to win the title that saves that spot for his group.

Anita says Zithan’s clothes were washing Nisha and Archana. Everyone is here to do their personal chores but here they are using their comfort zone to maintain their comfort zone. He does not deserve to be a hero.

At 1.20 pm, Rama has teased Bala as Sri. India. They are going on smoothly. Shivani comes there and joins her. Rama now teases Shivani with Ajeed.

3.25 Reading Circular Function in Rio. In the history of BigBass, all the housemates will take on leadership roles. Some pictures show up on Plasma TV. They should watch TV and remember the picture clearly and answer the question that Bigbas asks.

Answering someone when pressing the buzzer can choose another team to choose from. Whoever says the wrong answer is removed from the task.

At 3.45 pm Jithan and Nisha are watching the movie. Jithan 6 then says less when Bigbas asks for the count. Nisha won the job of selecting Ramya and Anita. They are looking at the picture. Anita presses Bauser and tells her the correct answer she chose. Ari and Archana won the job.

Archana Azid won and Gabby Azid won the task. He chooses Bala and Rio. Bala won the task. He chooses Som and Archana. Archana won the task. She chooses Bala and Shivani. Bala tells the wrong answer and she chooses Archana and Nisha. She chooses Ajid and Anita, Anita wins the task. She chooses Archana and Nisha. Nisha won the task.

Playing in the final round, Anita and Nisha and Anita won the job and the leadership task. Bala hugged her and wished her well. Everyone is congratulating her. Bala recommends selecting only all the team. BigBass announces its correct decision. Bala laughed happily. Tell Bigbas Anit to do it in the living area.

4.30pm Anita splitting team. For the cooking team, they choose Gabby, Ramya, Ari and Anita. Archana, Nisha and Rio to the washing ships. Rest everything for home care. Bathroom Swatch .Management Volunteers. Azid was not in the washroom, he went to the bathroom to swatch cleaning.

Soman can answer him right? Why did he target him. The two begin to argue for these things. Ari tells him not to misunderstand him that he is ready to do anything. Soman apologizes to him.

To 6.10pm. Announce Bigbas Arya to go to the activity area. Ask Rio where he is and indicate the activity area. Bigbas tells Ary that he took first place in the calling process, so he was free from expulsion, so he could nominate a person from a saved list with a valid reason.

Jithan reasoned that Ari was using others to do his work. He did not perform well in the leadership role. Tell Bigbas to leave him. They ask you not to tell others this secret until the nomination process is over. Ari lies to the others that he takes his blood.

At 6.25 pm Bala is in the activity area. Bigbas took second place in the act of calling Bala, so he was free from expulsion, so he could nominate a person with a valid cause from the list he saved. Bala nominated Gabby’s reasoning, saying he didn’t handle the job properly and made it fun. He nominated her and apologized to her.

At 6.30 pm Bigbas tells Archana that Sanam is expelled, so she is ranked 3rd in the calling process, so she is free from expulsion, so he can nominate the person from the saved list with valid reason.

Archana was nominated by Somu, who did not play the job well. Bigbas announces arrangements for the area where everyone lives. Rio says why didn’t he call him to the living area to see what was going on there?

Bigbas announces that Anita is the captain of the house, so she is being released from the eviction process. Gabby, Somu, Jithan, Ramya, Nisha, Shivani to be eliminated next week. Gabby and Rama are discussing how their names were changed by their vote.

At 7pm, Gabby, Somu and Rio find a nominated board in the Jitan Garden area. Rio thinks someone has saved him. Gabby tells him he’s already saved by deed.

At 7.45 pm Ari tells Bala that a new process is underway. This time Sonione steps out of that love bed to save the tough players. Ari tells him that if the individual players go out they stay at home and get the title. They should be expelled. He is happy to compete with him as a tough player. If they end up as a winner or runner-up they will be happy. Bala and Ari embraced each other.

At 8.30 pm Archana is reading the new circular. Ashwini Hair Oil Ramesh and Azeed will be the judges. Housemates should be divided into two groups. Team A Team B When someone hangs a long hair tie on a pillar. Another team member wants to give others a head massage.

They should stop massaging when they stop hanging out .The more time they spend hanging out the winner will be. The winning team will be rewarded with Ashwini hair oil. Ari and Bala are hanging on. Bala stops twice.

Bala hangs 1.27 seconds Ari hang for 2.3 seconds. The B team won the task. At 9.30 pm they collect a gift voucher from the store room.

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