Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 11th December 2020 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 11th December 2020 Written Update Episode

At 5.55 pm, tell Rama Bala to tell him that he likes the bathroom too. They keep saying it repeatedly. She asks him to tell you he likes going to the toilet all the time. They keep repeating it. Shivani opens the door to Rio. He tells her he should open the door for her, not her.

Archana and Somu ask Bala to break the egg from face to face. They just did it. She asks him to snatch it. He did that too but when it stuck to his throat he spit it out. Archana takes his heart. Bala denies it. Bala tells Anita that their game is completely unfair. Anita tells her that Rama has refused the work we did not force her but she insisted on doing it.

Bala tells him that the yellow yak is sticking to his throat so he spits it out and they show it as a reason and remove the badge. Archana falls on Rio’s feet to get angry. Gabby finds him angry so he removes his heart. Archana hugs him and removes the heart.

At 6.20pm, Archana told Rio to dance, while Azeed Swapna sang a beautiful song and laughed. Archana removes the disabled heart. Archana tells the camera that she has defused everything except Ari.

At 6.25 pm Archana Ari asked for action. He talked to Azid so she took one of his heart out. Shivani tells Bala that she doubts why she didn’t give Rio this egg job. Archana asks Anita to read the news. Anita is reading the news in both Tamil and Gibberish. The buzzer plays are over

At 8.20 pm Archana tells Bala that she hates egg too much. Bala tells her that he will accept it but he did the job well but that yellow yak stuck to his throat which is why he spit it out and she took his heart out. Shivani complains that she is not a cooperative Robert.

At 9 pm Bala tells Shiva not to blame him blindly. They have done it at the wrong time. This affects their turnout time. The last time Kuruppam played for him. It said he had a mental disturbance. No one supported him for that. Now complain to them. They snatched the egg and used the mouthwatering words in the bathroom to suit their orifers. Shivani apologizes for hurting him.

The song plays at home at 8am on the 67th. The housemates get up and start dancing for the beats. Then greeted each other.

At 11.05pm ask the housemates to choose the names of the two best performing competitors in the BigBass luxury budget. Rio has nominated Archana and Azeed. Jithan nominated Somu and Ramya. Gabby nominated Rama and Rio. Azeed nominated Rio and Ramya. Nominated Ari Bala and Ramya. Nominated Somu Bala and Ramya. Ramya nominated Bala and Azeed. Shivani nominated Rio and Bala. Anita nominated Ramya and Bala. Bala nominated Ramya and Ari. Nisha nominated Bala and Ramya. Anita announced that Bala and Rama will choose the best perfumes in the luxury budget.

Rama chooses Nisha for leadership role. Choose Shivani Ari. Choose Archana Nisha. Bala chooses Nisha for leadership role. The choice of Azeed Nisha. Anita Ari choice. Rio Nisha selection. Choose Nisha Ari. The choice of Somu Nisha. Selected by Jithan Nisha. Choose Ari Nisha. Anita Nisha has been declared the Best Weekly Show.

Bigbas has declared Bala, Rama and Nisha the best. She is eligible to participate in the leadership role next week.

To 12 noon. Bigbas announces to the housemates to select two people who will perform the lowest in the entire week. Bala chooses Jithan and Archana. Ramya chooses Jithan and Gabby. Gabby Ari and Shivani selection. Rio chooses Ari’s reasoning that he doesn’t like Breaking Method. Anita to determine the name for the robot. Azeed nominated Zithan and Anita. Anita nominated Jibbon and Rio reasoning that he would choose Gabby because he was comfortable with her and did not hurt her. They say they decided to name Roberts but they blamed her for it. Rio and Nisha are arguing with her.

At 12.40, Githan nominated Anita and Shivani to bring them down first.
Archana named Shivani and Anita logical as Robart. Nisha nominated Shivani and Gabby. Shivani nominated Jithan and Anita for not doing the job properly. Somu nominated Ari and Gabby as they were less involved in the task. Ari nominated Somu and Gabby. Anita got 5 votes and Jithan got the most votes.

At 12.25 pm Rio tells Nisha and Gabby that everyone chooses their goal only Gabby is left to him, so he tried with her what is bias. She is not his.

At 1.05, Anita complains to Rema that she has done better overall. She cooked for everyone instead of doing her job. So this is what she got in return. Ramya nods. Anita complained that she was sending all the individual players. He sent Anita to Sanam this week. Bala opens the prison Anita and Jithan enter.

At 2.20 pm Bala tells Shiva that she can see a little bit of emotion in her face. Bala and Shivani are joking in the Robert version of each other.

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