Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 12th December 2020 Written Update

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 12th December 2020 Written Update

Today Episode 67 starts at 2.30 pm Rio asks Anita she is sleeping? She nods and says no. He tells her he wants to clear something for her. She answers him as she speaks too.

Archana asks Somu why she has gone to him and she advises him not to go. He only blames. Somu replied to her, okay, let him talk to her and clear it. Anita questions if Rio has done her leadership job well.

She worked so hard the whole week but why didn’t he consider it and nominate her as a bad performer? Rio replies to her, starting with the idea that she refused, which made him feel like a boring performance. Anita questions him as Nisha starts the problem with the whole team rejected Archana, why doesn’t he suggest it? Doesn’t that mean he’s biased here? Rio doesn’t like any of Nisha’s work but what Anita has done makes a difference to both of them.

Anita has complained that Nisha has been nominated for Best Achievement for her efforts in leadership work but she is a winner in this task. She did all the cooking work alone and played well in the Robart work. Rio tells her of her mistake. Anita complains that she is biased.

Rio explains to her that she complained that he was focusing on Gabby. But it is not true that everyone is taking their partners, only Gabby and Ramya are left to him. Azid also took Ramallah so he had no choice but to pick her up. They attend every single person there. Anita accepts it. Anita tells him that Archana cries there and ruins the work. Archana gets there and explains that she did not cry on purpose. Anita says that she is not blaming her for ruining the game but Nisha started it. Rama tells Rio that her argument is okay too. He should have considered Anita too. Rio admits his mistakes.

At 3.30 pm Archana advises Somu not to go there, he will get a new name and baggage even if he goes. Rio replies to her that he wants to clear things up but it was in vain. He asks Nisha, is she down to something like what’s going on here? Nisha replied yes. She talked to him again. Rio’s face palms up and he tells her he supports her, which is why there are so many of these issues going on here.

At 4.30 pm, Rama tells Rio that Bala and Azeed think their cousins ​​are out of the house, so he is afraid that he will be next. Rio tells him it’s in the hands of the crowd.

At 8.30 pm Bigbas announces that Anita and Ramesh can get out of jail. Shivani, Ramya and Ajeed clap. Rama asks Bigbas if she too needs to rest.

At 9.15 pm, Shivani and Nisha play a fun rhyme game in the bathroom. Rio asks them to stop it but they keep playing it. Asked to vote for well-qualified contestants different from the Rio crowd. He was unable to see them for 1 hour 24 * 7, Anita asked after commenting that it was better to be in jail.

To 10.5 p.m. Somu counts backwards to turn off the light. He turns off the light as he whispers.

68th at 8am. The morning wake-up song is played at home. The housemates wake up and start dancing to the song and greeting each other.

At 8.55 pm Anita told Bala that she didn’t really have a problem with the name but the way the team split. Archana’s Love Bed team has been separated so they won’t be able to show their true strength. Bala was quietly listening to all this.

At 11.05 pm Rio asks Nisha why she didn’t come out. Nisha replies to him that he is still thinking about it. She still can’t understand anything. Rio has commented on its Manu factorial errors. He apologizes that he never nominated her for leadership. This time they’ve done it and that’s why so many of these problems came up.

1 05 pm Archana is reading a new roundtable from BigBass about the Triple Web series streaming on Disney + Hotstar. This video trailer is playing on Plasma TV. Housemates applauded the team and wished them well.

Archana is reading the next act. They want to split into three teams of three and talk constantly. Ari, Bala and Anita spoke after the first Rio, Somu and Gabi. Ramya is giving commentary.

At 2.50 pm, Rama told Azeed that he did not speak well. Bigbas gave Rama an excellent commentary. She thanks him. The housemates tease her. In the garden area, Rama teases Ari by using his name.

At 4.30 pm Shivani was crying because she had nothing to do at home. Archana comforted her. Asked Rama Bala and he quarreled with her he refused it. They go to appease her.

At 5.05pm, the new circular reads about the work of the Rio leadership. The printed cubes of pictures of three contestants are placed in the garden area and they want to fix it in time. Game Bala, Rama and Nisha start the competition. Rio responded that Nisha was not making any effort. Bala finished first. Everybody congratulated them. Bigbas greeted him.

Thank you all for supporting Bala in the area of ​​living. He tells them that he noticed two cubes were wrong on his border, so Rama was the real winner. Everyone checks it out and finds it right. Bigbas asks Anita to highlight it. Bigbas announced Rama as the new leader of the house.

At 5.50 pm, Jithan asks everyone to applaud Bala for his sporting skills. They clap at him. Archana asks everyone to clap for Rama’s playing well. Bigbas praised Bala for his athleticism. They thank him. Bigbas commented that the third umpire didn’t wear specs, which is why he didn’t notice it. Housemates tease Bala as third umpire. Bigbas declares that the housemates are teasing him, but in fact he mentioned the third umpire.

She divided the kitchen into Archana, Bala, Somu Jithan, Gabi. Gabby is a hero. Azeed, Rio and Shivani Azeed as captain of Wessels. Relax all the chores.

Ari Bala has complained that he is disappointed with the selection of the cooking team. Bala asks him to leave it.

At 10.30 pm they get food from the shop room. All the lights are off.

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