Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 13th December 2020 Written Update

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 13th December 2020 Written Update

69th at 10am. The morning wake-up song is played at home. The housemates start dancing to the song.

At 2.40 Gabby has a request for Nisha. Her name is Gabriella and she asked Nisha to spell her name correctly. Nisha pronounces it. Tell Archana to spell Nisha’s real name. Nisha shares the story behind her name.

Soma shouts at Nisha for taking the matter at 3.05. He tells her he doesn’t like it. Gabby tells him it’s for fun. He tells her he is hurting her. Nisha cries in her bed. Somu got there and tried to convince her but in vain. Archana argues with Rio that Soma is acting weird. He is angry at her but for Gabby it doesn’t irritate her.

At 6.25 pm Nisha and Somu discuss the incident and apologize for hurting her. He should not shout at her. Even after he warned her, she was hurt when she took the thing again. When someone close to him hurts, it really hurts him.

Kamal enters the stage. They are using all the tactics to reach victory, not think twice about whether it will harm others or hurt them. Some took drastic measures to achieve their victory. Let’s talk about it. He starts talking to housemates. He greeted them. Anita says she looks smart in the dress. He gave up the game and was saved from elimination, but Bigbas caught another guy playing the game. Gabby, Somu and Jithan. Expect the unexpected. They ask if they know who they nominated. Somu says that because Archana nominated him she sometimes avoided him and confessed to him. Jithan says he knows Arya well enough to nominate him. Gabby says Bala remains so he can nominate her. Kamal ask her so she is not sure about it? She nods. Bala tells him that he will be able to tell it to her but he did not do it because in its terms he should not share it with others. Kamal has been praised for following the rules. He praised Bala’s decision in the work of humans. He asks Archana why is she sitting alone? She answers him that she is feeding Gabby and is late.

He asks Jithan, did he choose to be a bad performer? He replies that there is no. He did his robot job well and did all the things he asked to do. They worked for him even after the diffuse. Did he do his leadership work well? He had many opportunities to prove him. He asks the housemates about Jithan’s captaincy. He tells him most of the work that the vice captain has done. Jithan clears it because he has eye pain, so Bigbas tells him to take a bed rest and avoid getting too close to others. Anita says this is also a reason but he can say it from a distance. Jithan complained that it was Anita who slept a lot at home. Anita argued and accepted without choice. Ari then complained that Nisha had done a lot of her work.

Kamal enters the stage after a break. He says all elections are approaching and everyone should choose the right leader. He starts talking to the housemates. He asks Archana that she has used some tactics in the Nishcha act. She replies to him that she heard it but she did not show it in action after he defused her and she cried. He questions Nisha She is tha Malaysian Nisha? Nisha replies to him that he has no intention of hurting her but she used that thing to break her comfort zone. Kamal says his personal game is not to bring family into it. He asks her how she feels about it. She shared it all after she used it to make him angry but it ended badly. Kamal tells her that this is a bad example to reach the front of the audience. She apologizes to him and assures him that she will never do such things again. Kamal tells her there is nothing to use the technique but everyone has a limit. The difference between breaking rules and rules. She tells him that she has learned her mistakes. Kamal says he has found a new strategy from Archana to break Rio.
Kamal asks Archana not to fall on anyone’s feet in the game. Even for the win. Kamal tells him to wait for the unexpected. Double elimination this week.

They ask the housemates to honestly choose the worst performer. Anita explains to him that she has done all the right things and that she only did her job without the help of a vice captain as a captain. He doesn’t consider it and she blames Robert for naming the idea. Kamal says don’t compare a bad performer and a good performer the whole week by taking a single look. He asks to understand Anita’s point. Nisha completely ruined the game, then how can she choose her best performer. This is not the place to play groupism. Housemates choose Nisha as the worst performer. He sends her to jail. Anita thanks him for supporting her.

After the break, Kamal enters the stage and tells them. Double elimination today one would eliminate. He asks Somu to go inside the storeroom and Jeethan confesses to the room. They leave from there. Housemates worried about who would be evicted. Bigbas asks Jithan to go out using the right door. Somu entered the room again. Housemates congratulate them.

Kamal greeted Jithan on stage and praised him for always speaking sensibly in the house. They thank you for everything. He played the clips he would send to him. They watched it and feel happy. He spoke to the housemates and wished them well and said goodbye to all.

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