Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 14th December 2020 Written Update

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 14th December 2020 Written Update

Anita told Bala that no one would support her. Bala replies to her that if he is in that position he can cry for his rights. He needs a clear explanation. Ari tells Anita that Azeed has escaped. Anita tells him that no one is highlighting the mistakes. She’s on the shade there and that’s why he left. She was still inside but Sanam walked away. She will be highlighting her mistake in the coming week.

Kamal Hasan entered the stage and greeted everyone. Everyone says they should play alone. Everyone wants to prove their strengths and talents inside.

Is there any doubt that someone has played for another group in his group, asking Kamal Bala? He replies that he thought Rio was leaning in there. Because he hesitates to keep the nickname Archana. She hates the egg so he performs the task and tells her to leave the place.

Rio explains that he doesn’t favor them. He teased Kamal that he was getting into the subject as he wished. Archana tells him that no one has discussed this. Everybody broke all the burglars so there was no favor.

Archana says the way she is evicted from the house is unexpected. Rio is saying the same thing. Kamal tells him that its situation is getting out of hand. Ask Kamal for his masked housemates even after 70 days have passed. Not mentioned at all except Ramya. Rama showed him the name of Rio.

Rio answers nothing. Rio mentioned Nisha’s name. Ari mentioned the names of Nisha, Rio and Archana. Logical Nisha is still hesitant to show her brave side. Archana herself has been there for 2 weeks and turns into a comfort zone. Rio nobody understands. Bala replies that he has no idea.

Rama commented that he was playing a safe game 70 days later. Kamal tells him what he has done in the last two weeks is diplomacy and mask. He replies that it is clear to speak no more. Anita mentions Archana’s name because she expected to tear everyone’s mask down here but she didn’t.

They are asked to enter the names of the top 2 contestants. They can enter it in the shop room

When Gabby asked Ari what did she think of Rio Atticud? Ari replies to her not to take friendship to the game, Kamal sir mentioned it there. Rio explains to him that he reminds her that if she breaks her orels now she will have to deal with something bigger.

Ari tells her it’s a clue. He should not talk to her. Gabby explains nothing about himself but gives a hint as to why he favors it. Bala pointed out what he had discussed at the break.

Kamal enters the stage and starts talking to the contestant. He says that Bala is as windy but playing quiet now. He asks if he should start with Rio or Anita. He asks Anita to say his name. She mentioned Gabby and Archana.

Gabby is using the new technique. She joined the group She was playing for others as Bala Nisha mentioned the name. He wrote his name because he made all the mistakes in the house.

Only Somu defended him and he wants to play more. Ajid mentions the name of Nisha because her emotions reflect her game and Anita’s name because she is very emotional. Gabby’s names are the same as Nisha’s name. Shivani refers to Nisha and Gabby because she is the victim playing here.

Ari mentions Archana and Rio. Rio must be played after understanding the game. Nisha mentioned Somu’s name. Archana mentions her name and Nisha. Nisha still didn’t understand the game.

He says Ari was complaining to others but didn’t understand his mistakes. Gabby mentions Nisha and Shivani. Soman mentions Nisha and Shivani. He tells Somu that he is still in the process of eviction.

Rio mentioned Nisha’s name as she didn’t understand the game. It may be her strategy and not playing the game. He then referred to Anita as giving out his innocence to give her ideas. He asks if Azeed, Ramya and Bala deserve to be in the top 2. The weekly Hamam caller call Azid.

The caller questions whether Azeed has played well with the caller. He saw no performance from him except that work. He answers that he needs time to join them.

Kamal tells them that 5 people have been left on the eviction list. He saved Rama. He takes a brace. Archana complained to Nisha that she did not like the way Anita said she was wearing a mask.

After the break, he rescued Somu and Gabi from eviction. Kamal Hasan asked the housemates to save him from Shivani and Nisha. Rio says the name of Shivani. Archana proposes a rationale for Nisha’s name, she doesn’t want to send her out of guilt. Kamal replies to her that he can understand her feelings.

Gabby tells him that if she sees the show this week she will mention Nisha’s name but she doesn’t want to say it. Anita mentions the logic of Nisha’s name being sent to jail because of her, so she wants to save her. Azid, Ramya, Bala and Ari Shivani mention the name. Kamal shows Nisha’s name to everyone. He tells her to look at the stage. Housemates start to hug her one by one. She feels emotional and begins to cry with Archana. Rio Clearing with Shivani is not favoring anyone, so don’t say it hurts him.

Nisha hugs her and Rio and cries badly. She walked out and broke the pot. She gives him one coin at home. Archana hugs her and cries emotionally. Bala tells Nisha that everyone sends her out because everyone is unfit for the game but does not hate her. She hugs her. When she opens the door, she tells Big Boss to say “I love you.” He answers her greetings.

Nisha thanks everyone and walks away. Archana starts to cry thinking about her and Rio complains that she is leaving without understanding anything. Everyone sends her out after hurting so much. After ousting the two men from his gang, everyone is now happy outside.

Kamal entered the stage and wished everyone well. He calls Nisha on stage. She comes to the stage and asks about his good creatures. Kamal says he was disappointed when he saw her in the house. He expected that brave woman but she didn’t shine there. She replies to him that her purpose is to entertain everyone.

He asks her what he did wrong in the house. She replies to him that instead of showing love, she should look after each other in the game. He asks her to check out the video clips. She enjoys her video clips and cries and watches emotional scenes. He spoke to the housemates and wished them well. She leaves the bidding platform to everyone. Kamal says they are the top 10 contenders for the house. They widen the show.

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