Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 17th December 2020 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 17th December 2020 Written Update Episode

Today Episode 72 starts at 10.30 am Bala is singing there. Azid says Bala needs money first. Hear it and make everyone laugh

At 11.10 pm, Azeed said no one would question Shivani. He tells her that he sleeps next to the ass. Shivani tells him that if he asks us to shop before wisdom

73rd at 8am. Bigbas plays the morning wake-up song at home. The house mates dance to the song “Kozodi Peda Kozi Song” and greet each other.

At 11.40 Rio and Shivani get an egg. The foxes are discussing the strategy there. They are taking the count of approaching the egg first. Bala and Azeed had not been contacted before so they let him do it. Somu insists on a second place in terms of money. Anita insists on second place. Archana argues with Somu that she touched the Rama egg yesterday. They answer its contract. He decided to count. Bala and Azeed get ready to sink their hands in pain. She asks someone to count. Archana counts out loud. Many approached Rio. Rio shouts that he has touched both Azid’s tail and Anita’s tail.

Ari tells the camera that she has touched the Rio egg. His hands are very clear in it. After him, Bala tells the camera that he has touched Shivani’s egg. Everyone in the bathroom is discussing how they decided not to approach the group. Why are they not listening. Bala and Azeed came to the egg as ordered. Why did Ari enter the middle as the second Anita. Soma says he didn’t get there.

At 12.32 pm Archana Ari tells him that he came there but he is not on the list. He has no shame in doing that. How can they break the debate and touch it. He answers her he has no shame.

At 12.45 pm Rio tells the camera that he does not know who touched his egg, in fact there are many hands. He touched Azid and Anita’s tail. They approached him together so he doubted whether he was out or not? If Bigbas sends two eggs in front, he is considered out, and one is that he will continue playing.

Ask Ari Rio where is his money? Rio was telling Ari that he didn’t know who had touched his egg before. They both approached him at the same time. He also touched on Ajeed and Anita’s tail. He was also saying his hands, so he asked the camera to explain him. Ari tells him he doesn’t need unfair money. He also heard from the priest that he had no shame. Then why did he treat him like this?

1.05 Ask Rory in Rio Don’t take that egg without permission. Ari tells him why he didn’t fight yesterday. Rio tells him he has been trying to explain since yesterday that the rules do not approach the group as a whole. We want to be approached by one or both. Archana and Rama also come there and join the argument. After much deliberation they blame him for his game being unfair. Ari tells her that she only has 50 RS Somu 75, then how can she access it that isn’t fair. Ramya tells him that he can tell the buzzer first. He tells her that he no longer plays his own technique.

It is completely unfair that Ari entered there at 1.30 pm saying that Anita was number 2 for Rio. So don’t give him money. Rio nodes. Bala responded that its a fox thing but everyone is acting like a real fox. Rama says that the fox has a cunning mind that is not here.
Ari tells the others that she’s wonderful, not the others. Rama replies that he did not mention him.

Gabby gets an egg at 2.20pm. So Rio is back in the game. They congratulate him. Bala and Ari make a deal there that we can share half of it if we touch it. Archana, Shivani, Anita and Ramya are plotting with each other how to approach it.

At 3.15 pm Gabby and Rio are inside the nest. Bala and Ari are circling the Rio nest. Bala hides his tail and asks Ari to adjust it. Here Ramya, Archana, Anita and Shivani are wandering around in Gabi’s nest. Anita touches the gabby egg from behind

At 4.05 pm Bala would tell Siva that we could play alone. She explains to him that Rama says she will go if she shares the money she agrees with.

At 4.15 pm Gabby was arguing with Archana for changing the rules. Rama answers that they have contacted Rio, so we are left. There is nothing wrong with touching her egg.

At 5.20 pm Archana washed her hands. Somu apologizes to her for doing that. She did not accept it.

At 5.55 pm Azid told Somu that he did something there. According to the contract, he pays him. Somu tells him that he has touched it. This money will be returned to him if the contract is canceled.

Coku Buzzer plays at 4.45pm. Anita and Archana Eggs get there.

At 4.50 pm Archana makes a deal to save Ramali. Rio, Somu and Azeed mutually agree Shivani, Gabby and Bala focus on Anita’s egg.

At 5.05 pm Somu and Rio are discussing with each other to touch Archana’s egg.

Buzzer plays. She asks Bala Gabi to join the technique she refused. Bala touched Anita’s egg. Gabby says about the rules. Bala tells the camera that he has touched an egg. Rio touched Archana’s egg and she refused it. Ramya scolded Azeed. Then Soman comes in and touches it. Archana says they break the egg. The two begin to argue with each other. Somu gets angry and throws it down. Archana gets angry at him for throwing his picture down ..

At 7.10 pm, Soman teases Archana. She asks him to leave the place. Archana complains that he did everything, then how can he tease her.

At 7.55 pm Bigbas tells Anita we have almost reached the end of the show. What did she do inside the house? Anita replies to him that she has done so many things that she felt she had nothing to do here. She faced many ups and downs. Bigbas asks her if her husband comes here and she tells him. She replies to him that she will apologize to him first. She enters here after many discussions. He may be getting all the merits and the flaws. Bigbas asks him to continue his game and cheer people on. He refers to her as a blindfold. She hears it and starts to laugh.

At 8.48 pm Archana greeted Bigbas. She asks him to listen to Zara’s voice. He teases her. He asks her to imagine that she is meeting her Zara and her sister. He asks her to stay there. Archana cries too much into the confessional room. Archana sends an emotional message to Zara. He asks her positively. He asks her to tell him about the house. As Archana tells him it is his home of struggle, he wants to win it all dearly but it fails. She got very negative. He asks her to continue playing.

At 9.35 pm, Somu tells her he does not want to accept her as an excuse, then what should he do? She asks him not to do it. Somu tells her that he did not break it. She asks him why he threw his picture. He answers her that he is not on his mind at the time. He tells her that he went to show it to the camera.

10 .05 All lights are turned off in the reverse of the Rio and Somu counting.

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