Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 20th December 2020 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 20th December 2020 Written Update Episode

At 12.10pm Gabby is in the confessional room. Bigbas tells her that 70 days have passed, what’s her journey like? Gabby replies to her and her journey is amazing. It is very easy for her to travel this much but now when someone suggests her as unworthy it hurts her very much. Anita is always telling me that she is maintaining a friendship with Rio. In fact he used to make fun of her and talk to her freely.

She loves to keep a friendship. Is she here to find out who she is? But she’s getting this kind of treatment here. She feels less here. Bigbas ask who’s missing her now? She answers as her friends, her mother and Mia.

He got to know her completely. Ask what Bigbas wants as a birthday present from her mother. She smiled and told everyone the food, Mia Foot Printed Message and Chocolate Cake. Bigbas tell her to enter BG. Bigboss Gabby. She smiles and says it’s so cute. She happily shares it with everyone. Rio hugs her

At 12.30 pm Bala and Azeed say they will break the rules on Ari Hen’s farm work. He did not follow the topic of group discussion. He broke the rules and played his strategy .. He is relaxing in this house. That’s all.

At 3.30 pm, Rama is in the confessional room. Ask BigBass to share its 70-day itinerary short. She replies to him that we cannot take a rehearsal to live in this house. It is a new atrocity to face new faces and live in the same house with them. He asks her to tell him about the anger. She replies to him that no one can completely hide their anger for 70 days in this house, they will show it at any given time. She showed it for the right things at the right time. He tells her tears? They answer that many people came in, taking the challenge not to cry but they were crying there. She is still strong enough to hold her emotions. Housemates. He replies that we cannot choose housemates. We can match with them. He wished her well. She leaves from there.

At 4.50 pm Anita is reading a newspaper about Ramya Pandian..Ari is listening to it. She is teasing Rama.

At 4.55 pm Azeed sings the song for them. She read it in news style. They laugh like hell hearing it.

At 5.30 pm Anith reads the name of the new function “Eat Five Stars and Do Nothing” Housemates want to judge by dividing into two groups. Each team wants to send one person to perform the task. They have to watch a scene playing on a plasma TV and eating a five-star. If they are upset the opposite team can pause the video and give them a funny sentence. Gabby has started it and done. Next is Shivani. Archana after her. But Rama smiles so she punishes Anita for playing chicken dance. She dances with it. Then Rama laughed again. Azid punished him with peanut butter in the face. Finally she gets distracted again. Shivani eats the chili as punishment. Bala and Ari declared Team A winners. Bigbas was declared the winner and congratulated him.

At 7.45 pm Bala enters the Confession room. He asks you to share about his journey. He replies that he is good but everyone is judging him here and blaming his Method. They have a loud voice that makes them think as they shout at them. Nowadays they are controlling it. Bigbas asks him to play his game and stand on his own.
Bala told Bigbas he would discuss the matter. He is already calling Shiva as Shiva. So he can call him Brother Bala. He nods. He assures him that he only calls him brother.

At.8.30 Reading a new circular from Big Boss on the Rio leadership. Three networks were planned in the park and each participant packed packed thermocouple. They want to remove the packet through the net and place it on their desk. Those who first complete this task will become the leader of the week.

At 8.40 they start the game together. They are competing together. It was a tough game for them and playing very far apart. They are cheering them on. Archana completes it first. He hugged her and congratulated her. Archana embraces the contestant in a friendly embrace. She tells the Rio Bigbas that she’s done well and that she’s the captain of the house

At 8.45 pm Archana cries out the front of the camera and dedicates that victory to Zara. Gabby, Anita and Rio are discussing leadership work. Archana did not even go by the rules of that child. Both are finally fixed. But Bala got angry when everyone mentioned it. Anita tells him that we remember him in the book of its rules.

At 10.15 pm, Archana is reading a promo for Rio. They clap at him. Plan to broadcast the Panni Pannanam title track on Plasma TV for the first time. He congratulated them. Rio Bigbas opens their movie title song home at home. He thanked director Bhadri, music director Yuvan Shankar Raja and singer Premji. The music album starts playing on TV. The housemates look happy with it and praise their dancing. The housemates danced for their own movie song. Thanks to Rio Bigbas for reselling it at Bigbas House.

At 10.30 pm the Rio housemates laugh and say that they will all be happy. He was very happy to see it. They share a liner for everyone to watch this movie with popcorn. It’s a happy movie and an entertaining movie. Yuvan hits the music. Says Archana

At 10.45am Bala was thinking a lot. Everyone outside has a life. We were fighting for silly things inside the BigBass house. This is a game where the little things get angry and dirty. He apologizes to Ari first.

The cake arrived at 11.30pm for Gabby’s birthday. The housemates whispered to her. She cuts the cake and feeds them all. She receives special gifts from her mother and video clips from Bigbas.

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