Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 20th December 2020 Written Update: Kamal reading the rules of Hen’s farm

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 20th December 2020 Written Update: Kamal reading the rules of Hen’s farm

Kamal Hasan enters the stage and greets everyone and the episode begins today. The game became a life for everyone. We taught the children how to play with the rules. We cannot say them as children but we can teach them. Its 4 crore people. He asks everyone to check out Friday’s episode.

76th at 8am. Bigbas plays the morning wake-up song at home. The house mates dance to the song “Tera Tera Bite Song” and greet each other. He wished Gabby a happy birthday.

At 1.05 Anita tells Ari that she doesn’t know about her fans. Rio has many fans. If he has any problem with her he can sit and talk to her directly. Bala also cleared his stuff and apologized to everyone.

7pm. Rama, who is reading the Hersheys campaign. He allowed the captain of the house to extract a Hersheys object from the fridge. Let’s say Shivani Azid, let’s be the captain and get the stuff out. Azid tells her she doesn’t like the idea. She tells him his opinion.

Kamal Hasan has entered the stage of talking to contestants. They welcomed him and they welcomed him back. He praised his look. He tells them its a handmade dress. He shares with them about his father’s experience. They ask our youth to promote the hard work of the farmers.

Kamal tells him that last week the best performer and the worst performer have done well. He thanked them for asking for their advice. He admired Bala, Ramya and Archana. Special appreciation to Archana for winning the leadership function. How did he feel there was a different nomination for him this time? Rio says its different. Kamal tells Bala that he has doubts about how Ari will nominate others. He nods. Gabby told him all clearly. Kamal teases her that she is clearly here and then think about how clearly she speaks in the confessional room. He takes a break.

Kamal enters the stage after a break. They start talking to competitors. Ari tells him that I’ve seen everyone nominate everyone openly. Azid tells him that it is good but he does not like the way. Kamal asks Archana what is the perception she found in the garden area with Soma. Archana answers him, she thinks it’s the number game. Kamal Hasan let her hear about the opposing team.

Archana says they are housemates, not the opposing team. Anita nominated him Somu, Gabby, Archana. Somu denies it. She tells him so she enjoys the game of its number. Ask Kamal why she is angry at Rio for sharing her thoughts. Does he listen to Ari? He tells him that Bala has directly said that he will not nominate Shivani and she will not nominate him. Bala accepts the allegation and feels guilty about it because it makes a difference in the game. Anita complained to Bala that she was helping Bala to continue playing with Shivani and Azeed.

Because he chooses the team first. Bala replies that everyone asked him to break the pot. He partnered with Ari and Anita in the fun act. Ari complains that she gives Siva a good performer but in fact she went in as a bad performer. Bala clears up with him to forget the reason he gave. Shivani did not break any rules, which is why he nominated her. Ari said that he had nominated Anita that he was not reasonable. She told everyone she was learning the bathroom and swatch clean but that’s why he nominated her. Kamal says Anita did not go to jail so it is not necessary to bring it here.

After the break, Kamal enters the stage and starts talking to the contestants. He says he saw the fox and hen play. They ask you to pick the best Hen and Fox in the game. Anita is asked to explain their quality. He answers as cunning. Anita referred to Archana as a chicken and Ari as a fox.

Armana tried his best to save his egg and Bala’s strategy as Rama Hen was Archana and Fox as Bala logical. Azid is going to say this but he is afraid to mention it due to comments. He referred to Bala as a fox and hen as Archana. Bala chicken is referred to as Archana and fox Ari. The reasoning is with him both cunning and truth. Shivani refers to Archana as Hen and Fox as Ari. Ari refers to Anita as a fox because she is very cunning. He referred to Archana as Hen.

Gabby Bala is referred to as a hen and Rama as a fox. Soman referred to Bala as a fox and Archana as a hen. Archana referred to Bala as Hen and Ari. Rio referred to Archana as chicken and Bala as fox. Archana gets the most votes for Hen. Ari and Bala then received equal votes. Balaji says he is happy for that. Kamal Bala appreciated his change and apologized to Rio and Ari. This altered Bala then taunted the Bull. They thank him. Let’s talk about the rules after the break, ”he says. Bala refers to Archana as Hen. She answers that she’s a chicken here. She tells Rio Archana that there are two foxes here. She says she doesn’t mind anything but that it’s not acceptable when she talks about her profession.

Kamal asks him what he did not understand in those terms. Archana tells him that one time he fixes one rule and the second time it happens in a whole round. He asks the first chicken Bala and Ari about their experience. Ari tells him for the first time, those who do this will face many problems. Many approached his egg, he cleared it many times with Rio but no one listened to him, so he too started the game. Kamal asks Bala about this. He replies that he too is confused with the rules. He even touched Azid’s tail. Kamal read the rules related to them and explained to them. He admires Rio for explaining it to him frequently. Ari complained that everyone played for that special power and money.

Kamal entered the stage and wished everyone well. They start talking to competitors. They start with the content of the rules. He breaks it so we can break it. This is wrong. Rio talks about the rules but he says he got 0 currency. This is the result of honesty. Kamal says that Ari’s method is not anyone’s opinion. Let’s make it clear. Bala says his egg is broken, so we discussed not approaching together. But he is the one who breaks the rules first. He is not willing to accept his mistakes and blame others. Ari explain her side. Kamal says he can accept it. Ramya says he will not quit blaming it on others. Kamal saved Ari and Rio from elimination and said bye to the show.

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