Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 27 November 2020 Written Update: Bala is on fire

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 27 November 2020 Written Update: Bala is on fire

Today’s episode starts at 9.30am on the 50th. She says she doesn’t like the way Nisha told them. Jithan scolded her. Bigbas announces to him that he can leave now. Nisha comes out and tells Rio that she has no intention of giving up the card but they kept on provoking her so she couldn’t do anything there so give up. She doesn’t really like the way Anita gives up on her. She has dared to face the nomination of trusting people outside. Rio tell her to leave
Anita tells Ramali that she leaves the card to Nisha but she does not like her speech so she returns it to her.

Somu tells the priest that she is going to win but in the end she will quit. Rio tells her that if she does the same with him he will get angry too. He tells Nisha that all is fake and they are provoking her. She doesn’t want to do that. He is showing her love for Rio and provoking her so she leaves it. Somu tells her that she wasted her vote but she lost it. Nisha cries that she doesn’t like the way Anita spoke. Rio hugs her and consoles her.

At 10 pm. Anita hears her and she cries? Nisha tells her that she does not like the way it is and wants to finish it so she gives it to her. Anita says she was the winner but she gives it to her. She is the winner. She asks the camera if she has any chance of returning the card to Nisha. She is ready to return it to Nisha by contacting her through the confession room talks with Mike.

At 10.55 pm Nisha asks Jeethan what she did wrong. She tells him that she provoked him, she didn’t meet the audience and it hurt her. She has the confidence to do it. Jeetan tells her that she cannot give up after she votes. What would she do if Nisha told him that he was provoking her there? He answers her, she cannot stay in this house unless she has the courage to deal with it. Its Bigbass house so games should look like this she wants to face it.

At 12.35 pm Bala tells Anita to either give it to Sanam or take it from her. If Anita gave it to Sanam she would have labeled it Samukta, Archana but if Nisha took it, Azid would be expelled, so she got it using this trick. Already Samukta was on her mind, she could use her technique here and do it if she won her victory. Bala replies to her that he understands it.
At 1.20 pm Samukta asks Archana how can she question her motherhood? Somu comforts her.

On the 51st morning, the song wakes up at 8.50 am and plays at home. The housemates wake up and start dancing for “Chennai Super Gangs Da Song”.

At 12.35 am reading the name of Rio’s new task, white blood is the same blood. Housemates should be divided into two groups: one group call center and another customer. Customers want to call the call center and query and disconnect the call without controlling them. If they do that they will be nominated directly for the elimination process and I should wear the nomination board. If customers fail to do that they can rate them with stars. Customers are Rio, Som, Archana, Ramya, Ari, Nisha. And all the rest of the crew.

2.05 staff discussing who made the first call? He is referred to as Bala. He ed that Rio calls him. Shivani tells him that Archana will not call him because he has heard the discussion. The lights turn off The Bala table light shows him the first call.

Archana was calling Bala. He greets her and she greets her. Archana asks him to clear his accusation. He replies to her that he is supporting Somu, Rio, Nisha and Gabby in his play. She asks him to explain it to her? He tells her that he is using Love’s tactic to stop her and not let her play? Archana asks to tell him the scratched name on his right hand? He refuses to tell her. Archana tells him that he can ask for anything without controlling its terms. Saying Bala is her personal? She can answer this to him. He shows the name to the camera and asks her to check it out. She asks him what his game plan is. Why did he not accept her love? He replies to her that he thinks it’s fake. Its mental restriction to him. As Archana tells him, if someone does not know how to recognize true love, why not show them the love that Somu words are 100% true? Bala replied to her that her love was fake. He doesn’t need her love. She questions him, why did he apologize to her that night? He replies to her that he did not come from her but Samukta asks her to do so. Her time is up. He calls her back for a review. She replies to him. She is not satisfied with it. They ask for the stars? He gets 2 stars for his description.

At 3.20 pm Bala Gabbi tells her that she is doing well.
Soma questioned Bala and why did he talk like that? Bala replies to him that the task is over so stop discussing it. He questions where he found his play to be. He says he feels it, so he says he can’t question his opinion. He tells her to explain it to him. He says he has already explained there. When Gabby questions him, he finds that she is impressed by him. He answers her that she is mentally restricted. Why did Gabby refer to her as a child of curation? Even Shivani tells it to her. Shivani makes it clear to her that Azid and Gabi are like a baby to him. Bala apologizes for that. She questions him about Azid’s leadership. Bala tells her his personal discussion with her Why did she question him? He’s clearing it with her. Gabby complains that she has no courage to talk to him face to face. He is avoiding her. He mentioned that all the members speak at the same time, so everyone is cornered by him here. Rio gets angry when he mentions the gang. Bala pointed out that Archana provokes him by asking his personal questions? She accused him of not blaming her morals for the game. Bala replies to her that he wakes up and understands her game plan. She asks him to play it.

3.25 Has Gabby told Bala that she has not yet answered her question? He asks her to talk to him about why she brought him here when Azid tells her about the subject. She is changing her words. He leaves from there.

3.40 Gary Gabriel told Azeed that he was speaking here and there, but Ari had complained. If they feel their leadership path is not good they can tell it to them in a week, why should they say it to Kamal sir. It’s like making a play. Azid agrees with her. Gabby told him that she was questioning him because she saw it with her own eyes.

At 4.10 pm Somu gives her a board and tells her to wear it until she gets the information. Somu tells Ramali that all 14 people should be nominated. Then all the contestants in BigBass history will be nominated. Archana Rama says someone should temporarily disconnect the call. Archana clears up with Bala, questioning his morals is not true, she wants to call him, which is why she has heard nothing else. She apologizes to him.

4.40 The light turns on at Sam’s place. Sanam calls Samukta. She questions what is Galez. She describes its meaning as bad and not good for anything. Sanam alleged that Sam referred to all those who did not respect Sanam as a woman, the Ghaliz Infront. She replied to him that she was speaking everything that way, so she referred to him like that. She questions her about her leadership role? She replies that everyone is jealous of her at the time, which is why she blames herself. Because its BigBass rules to use any technique she uses. What is her problem? She blames the dishonesty for her time-out game.

At 6.10 pm Samukta was interrogated by Ari. He tells her he can’t blame her for growing up? She replies to him that she did not mention him. He blames her for what she did. She blames him for questioning his motherhood is that okay? Is he trying to explain to her that he matched the level of maturity? The two are arguing that Bala is being interrupted by Ari turning his accusation on him so he talks to him again.

At 6.40 pm Bala told Samukta that he could ask for forgiveness if it hurts him. He was trying to explain the word he grew up with. But for saying that Ari was interrupting him. Samukta says they were all head over heels.

Give Somu Sanam a nomination board at 7.50 pm and tell her to wear it till you get the information. She makes faces and wears it.

End of issue.

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