Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 29 November 2020 Written Update

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 29 November 2020 Written Update

Kamal Hasan entered the stage and greeted everyone. They share about Hurricane Nivar and thank everyone who has helped those in need. They thank police officers, power officers, municipality officials for doing their job well this time. He tells the audience to review the incident on Friday.

On the 54th at 9.30 am. Ari tells Jeetan that Rama will take Jithan on the call. She complains that she has no question to ask him. But she didn’t give in because Arie was close to him. He wants to project outside as a good player. Virtually everyone blames Sam and Bala for their leadership work but nobody takes the name of Ramya as a reason to stand there. She’s playing a safe game. But she does not want to question Azeed like that. Everyone was listening to Azid instead of Bala. Why did she break up with him. Doesn’t it tend?

At 12.15 pm Shivani asks Sam what is she seriously thinking? Sam tells Shivaay that she is frustrated with Anita and Sanam. Shivani ask about that custody thing. She denies it and says that pimple thing. She can nominate directly why she mentioned Pimple Matter. She knows very well that she has a problem with him since he first called her. Sanam twists and questions her. Bad Attitud.

At 1.30 pm Ramya and Sam are discussing that the 5 Times prison has been opened and that Ari went in three times so they get angry. He will show it at the Kamal sir show. Lying there, Sanam silently mocks her.

Swatch cleaning at Rio auditorium at 11 pm. Gabbi helps them clean the kitchen area. Anita questions him, why didn’t he ask about her? Anita tells him she’s the captain, then why he made the decision. Gabby tells her she’s a volunteer.

Rio, 12, told Somu that he will take the matter against Kamal sir on Monday.
The captain also goes to jail for Bala Anita so do the job properly. Do you remember Jithan and Ramesh being the captain here who tease Rio? He then says he will bear all the charges.

Kamal enters the stage. They say welcome back to Season 4. He starts talking to the contestant. He says he got a new experience this time because of Nivar Puyol. Rama tells them that they have seen many vehicles. Gabby complains there is no clock. Rio asks Kamal about the flood. He says the 2015 flood was not as bad. Everyone is safe in their home. They ask you to explain the demolition card. Because all the men give up the game.

Bala told him to retract it first. Because they thought to run for the nomination and then escape by this. He admires Anita for what he got. Jithan tells him that everyone will question him for arguing in court, so he thought it best to give up. Kamal tells him its a game. Sanam tells him that Anita has already withdrawn the game. So Nisha and she remained there so if Nisha refuses to accept it she deserves to win it. He didn’t give it to her. Kamal can tell it to her instead of here. Sanam agrees with this. Sanam tells him that the one who faces eviction only knows the fear. They waste it.

Ask Kamal Nisha why did she give up the overturned card? She replies to him that she has always supported Rio and that everyone is complaining about not playing her own game. But she wants to prove that she is only playing her game but nobody accepts it so she gets out of frustration. On hearing of Kamal Nisha, to whom did she give the knife and gloves? She replies, Rio. He tries to explain her stuff. Is it the drama she is blaming for Bala’s name and her act in the court section that hurts her? Bala made it clear to them that the reason they argued seemed artificial. But when he asks her is she here to win the award? She said yes so he just kept quiet.

Sanam tells Kamal that Nisha has nominated Sanam as a bad performer for her words. Doesn’t she think that’s the reason for nominating her for a bad performance? Because she c

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