Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 3 December 2020 Written Update Episode

8.50 am in the morning. Teaching everyone how much modulation can refer to Kumar’s name? He characterizes it with expressions and feelings. Sanam’s function is to flip Soman. Sanam pretends to flirt with him. After teaching Archana to all the priest Kumaras, Rama Pandiyan is teaching Korean Kumaru. Sara Katu of Ramya Sarasar is singing the song.

At 9.10 pm Sanam told Somu that it was painful and he knew very well that she did not like it. She is sporty so she does all the work but it hurts her, he feels he has insulted her. Somu apologizes to her because he didn’t mean it the way she takes it.

Ari told Rio that Sanam had been hurt by her massage and flirting act. Sanu complains to Somu that he imitates the practice so that everyone thinks that Sanam is massaging and flirting with everyone. Somu apologizes to her and clears her up just for the fun of hurting her.

Rio finds Archana angry in the kitchen, he asks her what the reason is but she replies that she has nothing. He stares at Nisha (Bossi Kumaru) word hurts her but Archana scolds her for doing her own business.

At 9.40 in the morning, Anita tells Bala that it’s not a safe game. If everyone is playing their safe game using this call function it is clearly shown outside. Bala says he will be nominated if he plays well? Jithan too wanted to call him Sanam but now he changed his mind. This is because Nisha will definitely cut Kara and save her from eviction. All the dumb people are winning here.

At 10.05pm Gabbi was telling Azid that morning task. She says it was Bassi Kumaru who saw her demeanor in the morning action. It looks like that is why she mentioned it. She even apologized to her. She thought the problem had been resolved there but she was still hanging on to it and showing his anger at Rio in the kitchen, but she was hurt even though she didn’t create any problems there.

At 11.25 pm Archana and Nisha are sitting in the garden. Archana says she’s in pain and if she hears the word bossy and she leaves, doesn’t she want to hear the tag properly? She’s not getting that tag so Nisha can’t understand her. Misha refuses it and she can tell him.

.11.50 pm Rio tells Gabby he has no idea why she acted like that. He clicked into her mind as he entered those words so he could understand her anger. Gabby told him that she was hurt when she acted in a bossy way with Rio. Rio hugs her and suggests only solving the problem

At 1.30 pm Shivani calls Rama Pandiyan. Then get acquainted with her. She asks you to name her? She answers as Rama Pandian. She questions whether she cut too much onion on the show? She nods yes?

She smiles a lot at home? She replied yes its production defects. She questions why everyone is complaining that people were hurting her softly. They answer their question honestly, so it certainly hurts people when the answer is not favorable to them. She asks him to smile the Korean way.

She’s already reflected on her. Shivani asks her to nominate the two names for expulsion. They nominate Ari and Azeed. She asks to tell if she is neutral or not? She answers him where she feels right and argues for it. Not to the person but to the point. Shivani 5 asks you to enter the finalist’s name. She mentioned the names of Rama, Bala, Shivani, Somu and Rio. Thank you Shivani and Deconnect Call herself. Ramya calls to get a 5 star rating.

Bigbas announces to Shivaay that the call center staff has not cut the call himself, so they will be directly nominated for the next eviction process. She laughs and nods.

At 3.15 pm, Anita was calling Rio. He greeted her and asked how he could help her. She tells him his name. Anita asks what qualities she needs to win the title at home. He answers that he stays at home and does things right. She asks him for a clear explanation. He answers her, he does not know how to explain it? Anita asks him to mention three of his best. He tells her that he wants to hide his anger and continue in the flow that it broke in 2 weeks. They are doing the job well and doing the job properly. She appreciates it. The third quality is that they take the time to think more and more that they play the game well. She tells him that whenever he refers to his friendship as a groupism, he gets tense, why do they blame him so often? When Archana enters the 10th week, he replies to her that he accepts the word groupism because she has mentioned it. Somehow this has happened but he should make it clear to her that it will not affect anyone. Anita received the highest number of votes for the nomination compared to everyone else, having quarreled with Rio that week. Rio replies that she has no such thing, should she know who nominated her first? He never asked anyone to nominate her nor did he provoke others. Anita says she fought with many in this house at the time, she would never get such high votes but with Rio. She asks him is he playing a personal game in this house? He answers yes. She tells him but it doesn’t look like it. She asks him to explain which opinion is good or not? He replies to her that her opinion, which is acceptable to the 13th Constant at home, is good, but that it is not good for her to reject it. Anita begs him not to allow her to explain him on his part, then how his own opinion might be wrong to suggest that the Patti Solla Tatta act. She asks him why she called Azid and delivered his message to him. They are mature enough to answer and they will answer what they want from them. He may refuse to answer him if he does not like him but he answers. Anita ask him so he used azid for that? He nods yes. She asks him is he honestly playing? He nods and reassures her that he is here and trusts him and is still going. She asks him if he has confessed in the show he hid his other side, so how can he expect people to give him a trophy for his half game. He answers to her that no one in his family likes his anger, so he wants to hide it and he is afraid that his image will be blown out. Anita asks him to advise them in a good tone rather than suppress. She disconnects the call. Rio takes a deep breath to cool him down. He calls her back for a review. She gives him 4 stars.

At 4.35 pm Rio calls Bala and Anita for a call. He apologizes to Azid. I congratulate him for maintaining his cool. He disconnects the call to him and wants to save her but her call puts him under pressure. She tells Somu that she is being pierced and that she is clarifying her suspicions. If she was doing this why did she touch on hero matter and the wrong nail thing. Somu also referred to it as piercing

At 5, Jithan calls Nisha and tells her to tease and ask her some questions. She disconnects the call. At 6.45 pm Anita complained to Rio that the cinch was full, the vessels could not be washed, and the jam was due to the particles inside it. Go to Rio to check it out.

At 7 pm, Anita was reading the new circular. Bigbas asks housemates to discuss and rank their efforts on calls. He is discussing with Takig valid points and housemates.

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