Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 30th December 2020 Written Update: Bala Brother entered in freeze task

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 30th December 2020 Written Update: Bala Brother entered in freeze task

Today’s episode starts at 86 in the morning at 8.05 with home song plays and everyone starts dancing to the song and greeting each other.

At 11.20 pm Rio reads a new luxury budget act from Bigg Boss. He urges everyone to follow the rules. This time Bigg Boss will take control of the house. They want to follow it without tact. If they listen together they will reveal what the task is. They listen together they ask them to freeze and release.

Bigg Boss asks Rio to freeze. Gabby laughs out loud so Bigg Boss asks Gabi to freeze. Shivani teases Rio by touching her hair. Tell Bigg Boss Shivani to loop. She just kept doing it. Bigg Boss asks Azeed to loop. They are constantly in the loop.

Bigg Boss asks Shivani to freeze. Bala asks her what is she looking for here? Aaararooo aaari raaro song plays at home. Shivani was crying there. All the housemates are looking at her and waiting for the door to be open. The door entered her mother’s house. Shivani runs up to her and hugs her. She cries while hugging her. She comforts her. The classmates of the house look at it and tear up. She says she wants to talk to him in private. He leaves to speak in private.

Her mother questions what she’s doing here. Why did she come here? Everyone is here to play. She asks to open her mouth. She asks if she’s here to go after a guy. She is questioning what she is doing here. How dare she go after him? How many times did Ari tell her? Shivani keeps asking her to lower her voice? Her mother continues to question whether she’s here to do anything? Shivani was crying. She scolds her that everyone is watching the show, what she has done in these 85 days at home. Nothing here but she’s always behind him. If he didn’t give her a gift at Christmas, why would she own him? Did she ever ask Bigg Boss what her health was like? All relationships are watching the show and questioning them. It’s not a pair number one but Big Boss. Rio comes there to offer water. She tells him to come and talk to everyone. Gabby tells Bala that if she asks anything please stay calm. Shivani’s mother keeps shouting at her and tells her that she has done everything and is crying here. Who will vote for her tears in this house? She leaves there to talk to the contestants.
He praises Ari for his good performance on the show and thanking everyone at home. She tells Gabby she likes him so much.

At 12.40, Shivani was crying alone. Rama comes there and consoles her as her mother. Shivani says her mother hates her. She says she doesn’t know what she’s talking about here. Her mother tells her that she saw her pillow quarrel with her. Shivani is crying outside and Rama is comforting her. Shivani’s mother scolds her for saying this and not protecting her. She didn’t even know how to change her. Her mother scolds her for not behaving neatly. She ruined her prestige. Kathal con obligation when Ari says. Didn’t he say he was here to play the game? He tells her if he loves her. Why did she tell him she was okay? She’s also here to play.

At 1.06, Shivani’s mother tells everyone that she is the only child. She sends her here to play well and shows her individuality. She can do anything besides play but she’s not ready to show herself here. She asks for a face wash. Her mother goes with her.

At 1.10 pm Shivani’s mother screams that she is here to dance and to remain silent. Why she doesn’t play well here. Everyone knows to wake up alone, no need to wake him up every day. It’s her duty to play her game.

At 1.30 pm Shivani’s mother hug her and ask her to play well. Bala is there and listening to everything. Her mother is brave and asks her to play well.

At 2.10 pm Shivani explains that it is all different here. Shivani asks her what is projecting outside. Many people favor this game. Happy New Year to everyone. She asks Shivani to play well and be brave. She asks him to take care of her health. Rama consoled her.

At 2.25 pm Gabi told Azid where Gabi and Bala had separated. She clears it for him

Is it okay to ask Rama Bala at 2.55pm? They always answer like that. She tells him that her mother asked why she didn’t play a personal game and didn’t give her stuff.

Did he talk to her by asking Ari Rio at 4.35 pm? Rio replies to him that she is not in the mood to speak. He is

At 4.50 pm Bala was there crying only thinking of Shivani. Azid asks him is he okay? He did not reply to him. Shivani tells Rama that she can’t sit here like this. Bala tells Ajid that she is upset. He’s answering them that we can’t decide anything here. Leave it up We are not pre-planning everything that happens in its flow. Bala tells him that she may have dreams that she does not show. He is upset because she scolded him because of him. Shivani tells Ramali that she is not impressed by anyone here. Rama explained to us that we have zero knowledge of what is happening outside. Ramya says she wants to see her daughter win the title as a mother. Bala tells Ajid that she did not think of her. Bala tells Ajid that she is not mature enough to understand anything. Bala feels his faith is broken. Bala says no one has nominated him.

At 5.30 pm Bigg Boss tell everyone to freeze. Bala Kassing comes as he embraces him. He told him that he had changed a lot. They are saying that everyone is in action. They are saying that they look the same. Introducing him to everything. They are discussing funny things. He was telling him that everything was going well on the outside. All set. They are sharing to them that the show is going well. His face has come up many times in the promo. He tells them that no one believed Bala was his brother. Because we didn’t even take a photo together. Everyone is asking him to show proof. Everyone laughs when they hear it.

At 6.10pm he was saying he wanted to play without hurting others. He was very serious here but he got bored. He’s very real here. There is no negative suggestion here that his brother would advise him. He tells you to play well as before. He asks you to make a decision and stand in it. He receives a blessing from him. Thanks to all who treated him well. He wishes them well. They wish you all the best again on New Year’s Eve. He praises his brother

Bigg Boss asks Bala to loop him. Bala is joking to Raila. Bigg Boss asks Rio to loop. He asks Bala to release him. He then asks to release Rio.

Tell Big Boss Ari to fast forward at 9.15am. He is asking Somu that if he leaves he will kill him. Ari is talking to everyone about it as a fast forward function. They are not allowing Somu to use the bathroom.

At 10.30 pm Bigg Boss tell everyone to freeze. All the lights are off. He asks everyone to be released.

At 11.20 pm, Shivani tells Rama that she remembers her harsh words. She was thinking about it. Rama cleared her up as she burst into anger after she was gone, grieving for her scolding. Shivani tells her it is still hurting her. Rama tells her that she did not speak to Bala, he did not speak to him.

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