Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 31th December 2020 Written Update: Rio wife entered in freeze task

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 31th December 2020 Written Update: Rio wife entered in freeze task

Today’s episode starts at 8.05 am to 87 am. Get up with song plays at home. The housemates begin to dance to the song “N Dandral Vanta Katru” and then greet each other.

At 9.45am, Rama and Gabby are cooking in the kitchen. Shivani brings the pan there and Bigg Boss tells Shivani to freeze. Rama looks pity and is going to take it with her own hand so that if she takes it out of her hand. He asks Ramya to freeze him and release Shivani. Gabby is dancing. He asks her to loop. Then to Siva. They both dance around her. Ajid stares at him.

Bala was eating food at 9.55am. Ramya is in the kitchen. Bigg Boss asks Bala to freeze him. Rama teases him that he cannot eat. Ari comes there to eat Bala Uppuma and pamper his hair. Ask Big Boss Ari to loop. Rama teases them that Bala and Ari are bromance. She doesn’t like it and tells them to fight.

Everyone is laughing as Bigg Boss asks Son to freeze. He’s freezing. Gabby is doing makeup for him. Bala tells him to keep his eyes open. Bigg Boss asks Somu to release him and freeze Gabby. They’re doing it up to Gabby.

87th Day 2.10 Big Boss Ask Rama to Free Shivani and Somu is teasing Rama. Bigg Boss tell everyone to freeze. Ramya’s brother enters Bigg Boss. She goes and hugs him. Greeting everyone there. Rama asks how she got here from Dubai. He replies to her that he is here for her. He tells Azid that she is her real brother, who is a reel. He greeted Bala. He is teasing everyone for her cooking. They’re saying that Ari’s head. He is welcoming and inquiring about him. He praises the appearance of his Lord. He is teasing everyone. Tell Bigg Boss to release everyone. Why did Rama listen to him and refer to him as Head? He asks Soomu that he ate chocolate? Rama told them that he was really from Dubai. He nods. He informs them that they will write exams online as the semester goes on. He is studying game design.
At 2.25 pm, Rama asks him which brother he likes. He mentioned Ari and Bala. Then he says he likes Gabby here. Alarm rings. Rama thinks it is her Baltry. Ramya’s mother enters Bigg Boss. She hugs her and tells her the balladry. Rama’s mother says everyone is looking good inside the house.

Rama’s brother advised that he did everything well here and did not go to jail. Her leadership is also excellent. Rama’s mother teases Bala that she is listening to her conversation with him. Hear it and make everyone laugh.

Ramya asks her is it positive or negative negative? She replies to him that she cannot tell anyone because they change themselves. So be them. Do not share anything with anyone. Talk to each other and finish it. A few minutes later Bigg Boss tell everyone to freeze. Bigg Boss asks his mother and Prasu to go out using the outdoors. Bigg Boss asks Ramya to release him. She advises her to put her thoughts on her face. Do not share anything behind anyone. Brother advises her if she is evicted from this house and does not feel bad. She gets a blessing from her. She’s happy for that. She runs from there to the kitchen.

Rio told Somu that he spent a lot of time with them. That’s why the feeling of it is so hard for him. It looks real on the outside. He was suppressing everyone. Rama tells Shiva that her brother shares with her what her brother advised her to do well. She never went to jail and was doing the job well. Captaincy is good but she is likely to be kicked out of the house this week. Shivani tells her that there is no chance for that. She is sure to be out this week after hearing her mother’s words. She wondered when her mother scolded her.

5.45 Checking out some items in Rio and Gabby bent down. Bigg Boss asks Rio and Gabby to freeze. When did Soman come in and ask them? Tell Bigg Boss to freeze Somu. He asks to release Rio. Big Boss asks Rio for a loop.

Tell the Bigg Boss to freeze everyone at 6am. Kadale song plays at home. Shruti enters the house. Rio hugged her and cried. He is apologizing to her. She asks him why he has apologized to her. He didn’t listen to her did she hate him? She answers him that she likes him so much now. He tells her he wants to share more with her. Rio is introducing him to everyone. He tells Bala that he will never follow the rules. Gabby runs up to her and hugs her. Everyone is greeting her. Shruti is teasing Rio that we’re on national television.

6. At 40, Shruti tells him about Riti and starts walking around holding things and starts talking a bit. She is her dicto. The rhythm video plays to Rio. His family wishes him well and asked him to win the title and play well. Rio friends tease him.

Don’t get upset and be energetic and have fun here by tuning in at 7pm saying Shruti is doing well. He is not powerful now. He nods. They both hug each other. Bigg Boss asks her to go out using the Out Door. He thanked her for coming inside.

At 9 15, everyone is in the freeze position. Playing the song at home. Somu’s brother enters the house. He hugs him. He embraces Ari and says that he is Lord. He referred to Bala as his brother. Azeed Music Box.

At 9.20 pm they are teasing everyone by nicknamed Kumar. Everyone is having fun with them in the name of Kumar.

At 9.30 he is saying his game is fine. He’s playing well but he wants to open up more here and talk directly to his face.

At 9.35 pm, Somu’s mother and sister play the video home. He is happy to see his dog. His brother says hi to all and that his blessing is with him. Somu plays the music of Ajeed. He’s having fun with everyone. Bigg Boss tells him to go out using the door and thank you for coming here. He asks everyone to hug the group. They all ask you to play well and wish them a happy New Year.

At 11.05pm, Azeed told Shivaay that he should take a decision. Their calf is what I was saying. He sang what karuvad song with Shivani. They both dance in the garden. All the lights are off.

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