Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 3rd December 2020 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 3rd December 2020 Written Update Episode

Jeeta tells him that he is giving the idea to himself. He talked to Ari and he was not allowed to speak. Does he have any idea about whether or not he sleeps? He blamed the whole night without sleeping. Bala explains to him that he clears it by using the call and that he has no baggage. Archana then asks him to count the votes.

At 10 pm. Buzzer plays. Bigbas announced that the debate was over. They take votes for 1st place. Sanam gets 2 votes, accuses him of being biased and goes to 13th place. Ari gets major votes for 1st place.

Ari who asks how much voting is going on for second place Anita? Anita gets more votes after Sanam. So Anita leaves the discussion.

Archana complains to Nisha that Sanam will not give up anything. She did not receive a second call so she could stand in the middle but she was adamant to stand in the 2nd position. This Bala is fighting for everything. Ari explains to Sanam that she did not receive a second call and therefore it is not right to stay here. Anita in 3rd place gets fewer votes.

When Sanamge Bala complained of second place she changed her idol. They are saying that there is no difference between self-nomination and nomination. She asks him not to put a finger on him. Put your fingers in the pocket and talk. He denies it. She argues with him again. Bala removes his cheeple and slaps it. Sanam shouts that he has used this to insult her. She tells Ari that she should apologize to him. He counts back to Bala. Bala received the highest vote.

Why should she apologize to Bala Sanam? Sanam points the finger at him. He tells her to put it down or put it in her pocket. She denies it. Anit is angry and does not cooperate with the count. Because she doesn’t get any response whenever her count.

Bigbas plays bursar.

To 12 noon. Archana puts Vaibhoti on the boy and hugs him. She asks him why she is angry so quickly. He tells her that he was angry at her description. Archana tells him that he will turn weak. Shivani says she was not weak but angry. She changes her words frequently. Archana tells her to ignore it. Everyone voted for her 7th place but she stood firm for second place. What should we do then? Bala tells her that this is why he left.

At 12.20 pm, Azeed Bala brings out the cake from the shop room for his birthday. Bala looks over at the greeting card from her sister. They read that letter much. He asks to cut the cake. Bala said he will turn 25. They are hurting everyone here, for which they apologize. He thanks everyone there and even after fighting, he forgets everything. They cut the cake and feed everyone. On his birthday he receives special video clips from his sister and brother. Thank you Bala.

At 12.35 pm. Somu is playing music. Bala and his band sing the song. The group is enjoying the song. Ajeed sings his own song lyrics. They are encouraging him. He again wished them a happy birthday.

60th day at 8am. The morning wake-up song is played at home. The house mates dance to the song “Ennamma Ippadi Panreenigalema” and greet each other. He wished Bala a happy birthday.

Jeethan says she interrupts all the talk at 8.25 pm. Anita teases Bala that she can appear in at least two promos in one day. He’s a promo for the psychic, she’s the next promo for the psychic. They hear it and laugh.

Why the same blood luxury budget at 11.20 pm blood. Shivani has disconnected Team B Archana, Soma and Nisha from the team. Cutting the call. They lose 200 per call and get 600 points. He widens his eyes in shock.

At 12.30 pm, Rama says she will list the list. The buzzword plays he listened to.

Reading the news from the home of Rama Pandian Bigbas at 1.55 pm. Anita Sampath jokingly describes the call center function. Anita complained and Anita left the show. Bigboss drops 2000 points and gives them only 600 points. They also forget the taste of chicken. They hear it and laugh. Ramya broadened the program. He applauds her.

At 5pm. Britannia Good day. Gabby is reading the circular. Every housemate wants to spin a spin wheel that contains pictures of housemates. He wants to give that guy an award. Then they want to write their favorite contestant’s name and title in the bowl. Whoever gets the most name becomes the ambassador for Brittany’s Good Day.

Azeed turns the wheel Archana’s film Archana gives him the Kindness Award. Archana turns the wheel of giving beautiful boy awards to Azeed.

At 6pm. Bala turns a wheel. Bala gets the name of Anita. He gives her the most credible award for not changing her mind and for not stopping at her. Anita turns a wheel and gets Rio’s name. She gives Rio reasoning a happy friend award. He is very loyal to his friends. Rio gets the name of Shivani while turning the wheel. Rio gives Siva a smiling face.

Siva gets the Somu name. She gives Somu the most beloved award. Somu gets ari. He presents the Optimistic Award to Ary. He gets the name Sanam. He gives Sanam the title of Most Concerned. Rio sings a song for them. Sanam gets the name Jithan. She gives everyone’s friend the title.

Jithan gets the name Bala. He always gives Bala a positive award. Gabby gets Nisha’s name. For the entertainment of all, they give Nisha a happy queen awards. Nisha gets Rama. She cheerfully awards. Ramya gets the name Gabby. She gives Gabby a high-spirited award. Thanks to everyone for participating in this. Nisha receives Brittany’s Happy Ambassador Award.

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