Bigg Boss 4 Tamil: Aari the 2nd Finalist

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil: Aari the 2nd Finalist – Kamal Hasan enters the stage and greets everyone and the episode begins today. Kamal told the audience that many were questioning what was going on inside the house? What is good. Many are quarreling and creating a scene. They are not only fighting but clearing up their misunderstanding. They are learning from mistakes and doing well. He is teaching them how to be supportive. If we look at Friday’s serial we can understand that.

At 2.10am on the 96th day, Bigg Boss announces to Rama and Shivani to hold the rope with one hand and throw the ball at the man in front of him. They start throwing the ball at each other. Shivani starts to cry. They are encouraging them. Shivani tells her that her position is different. She has no comfort in defeating her.

4.14pm. Bigg Boss asks Shivani and Ramya to sit in the air position. They both let out a sigh of pain. Ramya quits and falls down. The housemates are helping her. After leaving her Shivani rope. He is helping her too. Ramya and Shivani are crying in pain. Bala who takes Shivani inside. He helps her sleep in bed. Next Soman took Raman to bed. They clap for them. All the lights are off.

At 7.35 on the 97th day Ari asked Somu who put the score here. Somu says I put it here. Ari cries and tells Bala, not to question him here. He knew very well that he would never get it but he acted like he was provoking him so he calmed it down. He lost it. Bala tells him its OK to play fair game.

At 8.10am the Rio E Five Star does nothing out of the store room.

At 8.20 pm Ari Bala felt guilty for behaving like that. Bala says he played a fair game. Their numbers don’t matter here. Ari complains to him that he takes his hand so Rio claims it. Rio periodically tells the camera but he too takes his hand. He tends to Gabby and Somu that if he stops there he will stop until the end. Bala apologizes for throwing harsh words at him with anger. He is still learning. He felt very guilty about everything. Regardless of the game, he respects him very much. He was only looking at the negative things in his life, contacting him even after he left the house.

Kamal Balaji appreciates the learning process. Seeing only negative things is not life but positive. Ari has learned not to blame all his learning. This is a good result of the show.

Kamal entered the stage and congratulated Somu for winning the Ticket to Final Task. He asks the housemates to bring him a ticket. They clap at him and open the curtain. His cut is out. The housemates share some positive notes about Somu. Somu’s mother arrives on a video call. He talks to her and thanks Kamal sir for that. He admires him and takes a break.

Kamal enters the stage and starts talking to the contestants. Kamal says the sections that still appreciate are not over. He commends Shivani for his amazing performance this time. She proved that she can prove herself if she gets the chance. He admires Rio for standing up for 4 hours. Rama also quit after 2 minutes. They question why they were crying.
She replies to him that she felt emotional when she heard the song. He tells her he has never seen her cry this way and make him smile. Shivani says she can’t hurt like that and that’s why she started to cry.
They praise three girls for proving themselves in action. He mentioned that Karakatta Kari Rama has done well in the task. Bala appreciates him for not breaking any rules this time. It is a good learning process. He tells Bala that he mentioned that he got three days to bounce back. He lets them know that people are questioning him as to why he didn’t shout at competitors like Big Boss of the other language. But he is not like that. Their approach to approaching them all is different. He says he asked Ari to stay calm and think before acting as a child. These are good thoughts. Kamal says he brings out good energy. Ari told Kamal that she told the camera that she would help Bala to change her. Kamal asks Ramya she believes it? Rama replies to him that he does not trust them because they are always quarreling and talking. Kamal takes a break.

Ramya is telling them everything he has already told them. They quarrel and shake hands but we are fools to support them. The housemates agree with her. Bala and Ari are leaving and discussing the video. Bala hugged Ari. Rama teases them that their love begins with quarrels and ends with love. Bala tells Ary that she deliberately left the rope because she wanted to meet the audience before entering the final. He even mentioned it on a postal card. Self-evaluation of whether people like him or not? He has no intention of winning a ticket as much as an eviction. He won the title or not but was happy to reach the final.

Kamal enters the stage and starts talking to the contestant. Soma tells Kamal that Rama is injured in the act. He asks about her health. She asks to share about the Atticudi. Rama says that he does not remember Kural but knows what it means. She likes a green card and a red card. It gives her reasoning that she is speaking again. Bala tells him that he got 5 negatives, which is related to his anger, which he learns to control. Positive cards are learning one and not forgetting help. Shivani says she will get a red and a green card. Gabby says she has two positive and one negative reasoning that went away from the friendship. Ari tells him that he was well aware that he was somehow coming to the end because he was questioning everyone. Everybody thinks this is a negative. They give him a jealous card. Whoever advises others to come is never joking over others. He also gets two positive cards. Somu says its a very interesting task. It helps them understand each other. He gets two positive and one negative. Kamal commends him for giving up the task. Rio says he likes it so much because he shares his opinion on his face. He offers grouping as his power. He commended him for embracing his own cut .t. Kamal shares a kural with him. Kamal takes a break.

Kamal enters the stage and speaks with the contestants. He asks to sit down. He tells them that they got a chance to select the 2nd finalist on the show. This time all 7 were nominated. Somu has already got a ticket. He rescued Ari from eviction. He congratulated Ari as the second finalist. They bid for everyone. Housemates admire them.

Ari tells Bala that she has done a lot but no one appreciates it here. Ari tells Bala Thay and swears on his daughter that no one here is jealous. He helped everyone to increase their power.
Somu tells Gabi that her mother will tell everyone that she is coming on TV today. Gabby referred to it as cute. Somu tells her that Rio or Gabby will be happy if they get there. Ari comes in and asks him to tease him.

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