Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Promo 30th December 2020: Rio’s wife enters into the Bigg Boss house during the freeze task

    Bigg Boss has been coming home from the contestants’ family members since yesterday, and we’ve seen scenes from Ramya’s mother and brother in today’s first promo as Shivani’s mother and Balaji’s brother arrived yesterday. Also Read Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 30th December 2020: Ramya’s brother has hinted at her eviction because of Ari’s fans during the freeze task

    As shown in the second promo of today’s episode, Rio’s wife Shruti is currently coming home to Bigg Boss. It is noteworthy that the scenes of Rio embracing his wife with the backdrop of the Kadhaley Kadhaley are the culmination of the sentiment. Also Read Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 30th December 2020 Written Update: Bala Brother entered in freeze task

    Following this, the tuning will interact with the housemates happily. All in all, the tuning entry brings the Bigg Boss home while trying to pull a prank on Rio. Also Read Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 29th December 2020 Promo: Shivani’s mother pointed out that Shivani didn’t play out of her comfort zone

    However, it is noteworthy that the Rio child did not come home to Bigg Boss, much to the disappointment of everyone, including Rio. This is because Big Boss must come to the house for 14 days with a mandatory quarantine. Also Read Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 29th December 2020 Written Update: Maathi yosi task

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