Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Today Episode Live Updates: Aari, Rio who hit the first place

There are currently only nine competitors in Big Boss 4. Who will go to the end of it is still a big question mark. In this situation, there is a constant clash between Ari and Rio in the milk catch task given this week.

Upon completion of the ball c task task was given a new task in which the contestants had to be ranked from one to nine based on their involvement and the way they played.

Conflict has erupted between Ari and Rio over who should be the first. Rio also fights to tell Ari that he wants to be first.

‘Speaking of the whole game, how about talking for the last half day or so,’ Rio says, and Ari asks him ‘why talk so irritated when you talk healthy’.

“100% I’ve done a job. So I said first,” Rio says of his side of the argument, but Ari retorted that you liked it because the girls gave up.

“You’ve got two balls when you ‘singled, I’m only got one ball. Tell me a valid reason for that,’ ‘Ari says angrily,” I don’t know. Take 2nd place. ”

But at the end of the teaser it is shown that Rio is coming out of the first place and Ari is going to that place. How much debate did it take? It will be revealed when the episode airs tonight.

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