Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Today Written Update: Incidents like this only increase the level of distrust among the people

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Today Written Update: How hard it must have been to eat after Archana left home! How much more wasteful than that! It is shocking that such scenes are aired on national television in the name of Task in the name of breaking eggs and knowingly chopping lentils, perhaps among some people who live without even a way to porridge.

It is better to give the task of evaluating lentils and other essential items. Anita, who is so angry that she talked about her family, said it was not right to be a journalist and respond indifferently. Even more so, the fact that such incidents are taking place on a show hosted by Kamal, who is working hard to make a strong mark in politics, only adds to the mistrust of the people.

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Only when the weekend arrives does Bala’s attitude change completely. Yesterday’s Bala’s imitations were like ‘There is no better child in this world than Bala’. It is no exaggeration to say that Duff gives to strangers. Kamal does not call himself ‘Bala’ but calls himself ‘Balaji’. Kamal gave a pleasant surprise to Bala who was keeping this as such a big complaint. (What to do? This is how the whole childhood is moving this season!)

Aari lashed out at Anita, who was lamenting that “I have space available and Kamal Charu is reluctant to give me space” and said that Anita never gave him space to talk to him. Only that! “Everyone is conscious that their negative faces or criticisms should never be exposed, so no one is going to admit their mistakes,” said Aari. It is this trait of Ari, who is ready to openly admit the mistakes of others and to correct his own mistakes, that has captivated the masses.

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Big Boss fans have been waiting in anticipation for Anita’s exit this week. What would the Big Boss house look like if Anita left? Share your thoughts with us too!

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