Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Vijay tv love bed gang entry Archana, Nisha, Rekha and Ramesh

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Review: Re-entering the House but the hatred for some is still unresolved. Archana, Nisha, Ramesh and Rekha came back to the Bigg Boss house yesterday. As the contestants were locked in, the X-Love bed gang transformed into a kitchen sofa in their place. How happy Poruma looked at him! As usual Ari was suffering in solitude. What the hell!

Balaji, who has so far traveled from 20% Beast to 80% God, became 80% God and 20% Beast after being selected as the third finalist in the weekend issue. What a change! That’s all .. He was standing in front of the camera yesterday and told the people what a ‘good kit’ they were. By the time the Aha votes were taken, everyone was sharing about the flexibility, the fun and the moments they put themselves into. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Suresh Chakravarthy answers fans questions

This was followed by the love of the Pet Pet Gang, the only love ever revealed by rain hugs solutions. Dad, we were out of breath. The world celebrates Aryan, but he was completely isolated at home yesterday. What an atrocity this is! Aari cried out from the heart as she told Nisha about this loneliness. Of course this has further dissolved the people of Tamil Nadu. Congratulations to the editor who gave the cut at the same time and showed that Jithan is giving negative comments about Ramesh Aari! Looks like he’ll be an Aari fan!

Do not entertain guests returning home! Big Boss entertained me by offering quality work with flour. Bala was eager to know how we were among the people. Nisha, Rekha was going all out and was pissed. Rekha’s answer to ‘villainous half hero half’ made Bala even more suspicious. What are you doing! Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Aranthangi Nisha narrates funny questions she face outside bigg boss

Rio was worried about Nari as usual. Also, ‘You’re a duff competitor’ and ‘Our sister love is real’ were flexible. ‘I love you for doing so much,’ said Bala to Archana, confessing to the atrocity at home. Why does Archana fall on Arya who supports violence? Damn! What makes Archana’s mood unchanged when viewed from outside! Go for something.

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