Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Written Update 17 December 2020: The Hens Farm Task Resumes

The serial begins and your housemates are discussing different things about each other. He addresses yesterday’s listening and tries to plan a strategy for the upcoming. Rio and Shivani get a golden egg this time after losing the previous two contestants. contestants playing foxes notice this and immediately begin planning their next move to steal the eggs.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Written Update For December 16

The game restarts a second time and the contestants begin their work. Some misunderstandings have been created between Rio and Aajeedh because Rio claims he has touched Azeed’s tail. As mentioned earlier, hen flying contestants touch a fox’s contestant.

The fox is immediately disqualified from action. Thus Rio argues quite strictly in order to prove his point. However, their demands are not met and the game will resume with a second run to Aajeedh. Due to this earlier agreement, Bala and Rio seem to have a mutual understanding. Despite the chance to attack him, Bala went down. As soon as the game stopped, Rio asked for his pay, which Bala paid quickly.

Archana walks into the room to confess

Archana walks into the confessional room and is not doing well. She talks to Bigg Boss and they respond to her. Bigg Boss tries to understand that Archana is in a bad state and soothe her. Archana speaks up and says she is missing home and is very sad to be away for so long.

Bigg Boss assures her things are going well at home and tries to cheer her up. She tells Bigg Boss that she misses her daughter and wants to see her soon, promising to play the game in a way that Bigg Boss meets her daughter as a winner.

Archana agrees but complains that she has encountered so much negativity at home, making it difficult for her to move forward. Bigg Boss replied that she too could play the same game over others and cement her position without giving up. Archana is good and Bigg Boss is asked to play well as she is one of the top contenders. She is a big boss and thanks to the leaves.

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