Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Written Update Surprise guest in the bigg boss house

The episode begins and the housemates realize it’s the 101st day of their time at Bigg Boss House. When they wake up, they happily greet each other and share a dance. Housemates look happy when they wake up next to the evicted housemates. Bala intervenes in this and says that this whole setting feels like the opening days of the show when they don’t know each other. But now the only difference is that they are together and they know each other very well. Thus the housemates are happy to think of the memories they had at the Bigg Boss house.’

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Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Written Update

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Anitha Enters the Bigg Boss House

After some fun, the housemates realize they have lost some members. Bigg Boss agrees with him and says that this will surprise the housemates. Soon, Anitha walks through the gates of the house. The housemates were happy to see her. Some housemates get to see her and express that they are very happy to be home with her in the final episode of the show.

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A task involving all the housemates comes along

Nisha reads the first act of the day and reveals that in the act some people play kings and others play demons. Thus the housemates have to divide themselves into groups and Bigg Boss takes care of the following. She has been named Queen of Suchi along with Samukta, Gabriella, Anitha, Aari, Ajeedh, Archana, Ramesh, who will play the role of royal family. On the other hand, Rio, Sanam, Bala, Nisha, Soma, Rekha Rama will be seen playing the role of Velmurugan ghosts.

The game requires the ghosts to capture a royal family member and vice versa. Thus the game begins with the buzzer ringing and Ajeedh is the first to be caught. He starts to laugh and thus creates a happy mood for everyone. Bigg Boss also finds it hilarious as Ajeedh asks for another chance in the game. The game goes on and Gabby is declared the winner of the game.

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