Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Winner, Kichcha Sudeep says all 11 Contestants are BBK8 winner

Colors Kannada Channel is airing Tuesday and Wednesday on what became the last day of the Bigg Boss Season 8 show. The last episode is airing today (May 12). Bigg Boss Show Sudeep does not end without words. Sudeep has spoken at the end of season 8. Not only that, he said something curious.

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Colors Kannada Channel announced on Saturday that the Big Boss show would be stopped due to the second wave of coronavirus virus. Some of the highlights of last day’s episode, which was shot on Sunday, were broadcast Tuesday. It will continue on Wednesday.

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Finale was hosted every day as the grand boss of the last day. But, this time there is no excitement as Bigg Boss is being stopped for half. Made a neat end-of-the-day event as much as possible. Last day Sudeep spoke. His words were astonishing.

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Colors Kannada channel shares a promo. Sudeep has spoken in this promo. Goodbye everyone. I didn’t come for a couple weeks. Then there is the protocol because the show is not run. I am very bored with this situation. I mean, you are all winners, ”Sudeep said.

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When the first wave of Corona appeared, Malayalam Bigg Boss was halved. If that was the case, Winner would not have announced. Now Kannada Bigg Boss Season 8 has come to an end. Big Boss contestants were shown on TV what was happening in the outside world. Also, it has been announced that Bigg Boss is halting.

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