Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Contestant Rithu Manthra’s Real Name Revealed

Actress Ritu Mantra is well known to the Malayalee audience as a Bigg Boss contestant. The actress had appeared in front of the audience through some movies before Bigg Boss. Ritu excelled in the fields of actress, singer and model. Ritu Mantra has acted in films like Role Models, King Layer, Operation Java and Port. The Kannur native won the Miss Talent title at the Miss India South pageant.

The actress lost her father when she was two years old and grew up in the shadow of her mother. The actor, who studied in Malayalam media, later decided to surrender to heights. Ritu Mantra has participated in many beauty pageants before.

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Meanwhile, the real name of Ritu Mantra, who arrived as a Bigg Boss contestant, is another. Ritu competed in the Miss India pageant under this name. The actress was full of this name in all the news and posts back then. The real name of the Ritu Mantra was discussed again after the inauguration of Bigg Boss.

The actress competed in the Miss India pageant under the name Anumol R. But on the actress’ Instagram page, it is given as Ritu Mantra. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss is getting fourteen contestants from different regions in the new season. This time too, everyone is eagerly waiting for the developments in Bigg Boss.

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Most of the contestants came to Bigg Boss with a mass entry. This time around, Bigg Boss Season 3 saw a lot of unfamiliar faces with contestants who were familiar to the audience. The beginning of Bigg Boss sees happy moments with song and dance. The contestants performed well in all the first tasks given by Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss 3 stars Nobby Marcos, who is very popular among the Malayalees. Nobby fills Bigg Boss with jokes and jokes. Bigg Boss also has Bhagyalakshmi, Kitilam Firoz and Manikuttan as contestants. Bigg Boss 2 was halted last year following the Kovid expansion.

Months later, the channel came up with a new version of Bigg Boss. This time too, the Bigg Boss House was beautifully decorated by the activists. In the inaugural episode, Mohanlal himself walked through the house and showed the entire Bigg Boss House to the audience. Nobby Marcos was the first to enter the Bigg Boss House this time. Then the other contestants came to the show with a mass entry.

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