Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Manikuttan opens up about his left leg issue

Bigg Boss Season 3 is a much awaited reality show for the Malayalee audience. Sea, Sun 3 has started with a big celebration. Like the first two seasons, Mohanlal has introduced the contestants to the audience this time as well.

Bigg Boss Season 3 started with a bang. You can see the new picture of Amala Paul Season 3 begins with 14 contestants. These include familiar faces as well as newcomers. Bigg Boss House Manikuttan was a contestant that the audience did not expect at all. The player was the fourth contestant in Season 3.

Manikuttan is an actor who has the image of a house boy among the audience. Manikuttan made his Malayalam debut in the 2005 film Boy Friend as Kayam Kulam Kechunni. The actor was able to grab the attention of the audience with his first film and later became a part of a handful of excellent films. Manikuttan was soon able to find his place in Malayalam cinema.

Manikuttan arrived at Bigg Boss House in a gorgeous makeover. The actor’s entry was with a huge dance. Manikuttan danced despite his leg injury. Just before coming to the Bigg Boss show, the actor had an accident with his leg. His left leg was injured while playing cricket. Manikuttan told Mohanlal that he did not think he would be able to come to the show but got good treatment from Bigg Boss.

The actor also told about a close friend he lost during the coronation. The actor said with colored eyes that Rhino was the person he most wanted to be in Bigg Boss. The actor added that the demise of his friend was the greatest grief of Kovid’s time. Mohanlal calmed down the bell and let him inside the house.

Along with the news, Mohanlal asked Manikutta about the marriage. Mohanlal said that a lot of people are asking if he will get married in the next Bigg Boss. Manikuttan gave an interesting answer to the star’s question. Thinking of getting married this year, Bigg Boss said there would be no shortage of interest if he walked inside the house. Manikuttan said that if you leave here, you should not give an invitation to anyone.

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