Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Noby Marcose reveals he was invited for the previous season but refused

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 has started. The second season had to end halfway through the Kovid background. With this, the third season has started by bringing joy to the disappointed fans. On the first day, Bigg Boss witnessed Mohanlal inviting the contestants to the Bigg Boss House. You can see the latest pictures of Lakshmi Rai The first contestant to reach Bigg Boss was actor and mime star Nobby Marcos. Nobby arrived at Bigg Boss with a huge welcome. Nobby entered the house as Masai was singing, dancing and making noise. Earlier, there were reports that Nobby will be appearing in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3.

Confirming all the reports, Nobby came to Bigg Boss with Kitilan Dance. Nobby arrived with an intro from his wife and family. Nobby said that this opportunity was not available to many and that he was very happy about it. Now Nobby is making it clear that he has already received an invitation to Bigg Boss. In a promo video that has just been released, Nobby reveals that he has been invited to Bigg Boss in previous seasons as well. Invitations were received for seasons one and two. But Nobby said he turned down the invitation out of fear.

But when he called for the third time, Nobby said he decided it was going to be a fun game. Nobby jokes that it’s safer than standing out because of the corona, so I decided to take part in Season Three anyway. Nobby says he can not wear a mask for three months. Nobby is one of the most popular contestants in Bigg Boss. Malayalees have known Nobby for years through comedy shows and movies. From the very first day, Nobby Bigg Boss has done a lot at home with his thug dialogues and jokes.

At the same time, Nobby is a star who does not need any introduction from the Malayalees. Nobby has been active in mimicry since school days. Then came the comedy reality show. Nobby, who has been on television for years, has a lot of fans. Nobby has also acted in movies. Nobby has starred in several films, including Hotel California, Puli Murugan, Epic, Namasute Bali, and Goat 2. Nobby was a regular member of Star Magic. Nobby is a star who makes the audience laugh out loud through his counters. Arya is Nobby’s wife. Dhyan is the son.

This is a very interesting list of Bigg Boss contestants. Apart from Nobby, other contestants include actor Manikuttan, dubbing artist Bhagyalakshmi, singer Lakshmi Jayan, Dimple Bhal, Kitilam Feroz, Majsia Banu, Surya Menon, Anoop Krishnan, Sandhya Manoj, Ritu Mantri, Adoni John, Sai Vishnu and Ramzan Mohammad. There are 14 people in Bigg Boss this time.

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