Bigg Boss OTT: Kiccha Sudeepa Warns to Sonu Srinivas Gowda

Bigg Boss Kannada OTT show is increasing day by day. For the first time, Bigg Boss is telecasting on OTT. A week has passed since the start of Bigg Boss OTT. Kiccha Sudeep Panchayati was present at the weekend and talked with Bigg Boss contestants.

Attended Kiccha weekend show for two days on Saturday and Sunday. In the episode of the week’s Kiccha on Sunday, there was a lot of attention-grabbing incident. In it, Sonu Gowda’s behavior is a target for the housemates. Apart from that, Sonu’s behavior angered Kiccha Sudeepa. Kiccha also warned that the show will have to stop here. Also Read Bigg Boss OTT Kannada Elimination Today – Nominated Contestants

In the weekend episode, Kiccha asked yes or no questions to the contestants. Like every Bigg Boss this time too there was a round of yes or no questions. Sudeepa asks the contestants various questions. Candidates have to answer yes or no. Sudeepa will ask the contestants if they need an explanation. Sonu Gowda has scored in this round. Sonu’s behavior angered Kiccha. Sonu Gowda jokes about other people but when it comes to her, she bursts into flames.

Noticing this, Sudeep said, ‘When you joke, others laugh. But is it right that others should not make fun of you? When you make fun of someone else, they don’t get angry like this. Everyone took it as a joke. If you joke about Aryavardhan, he will remain silent. You can’t make fun of anyone else anymore. If you did, this show wouldn’t happen. The yes or no round is over here,’ said Sudeep.

Later, Aryavardhan, who was a doul, told Rupesh to prepare a song for him. Rupesh sang a song for Aryavardhan. Later he asked Sonu Gowda to sing the song as well. Sonu Gowda sang a song on him and cheered up the sad Sonu.

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