Bigg Boss Tamil 4 13th January 2021 Written Episode Update: What happened today in BB4 house?

Bigg Boss Tamil is a name that definitely comes to mind. Because the show was constantly running the Season 4 thriller. Bigg Boss is a great platform for Tamil reality show and any popular person who wants more fame and to attract more audience through reality competitive show. Currently, this time on BB Tamil 4 Star Vijay Television, airing every night on PM. Now that the show has reached its grand finale, everyone, including audiences and competitors, are so excited to watch this upcoming installment.

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The 100th day of this season 4 is coming tomorrow. Today is the 99th day of The Tue, and it is similar to previous episodes filled with extreme entertainment. In this upcoming episode, you will see the ousted contestants Arantangi Nisha, Archana, Jeetan Ramesh, and Rekha re-enter the Bigg Boss House as guests.

Returning contestant Nisha will tell the housemates a funny question asked at the BB house. People asked her why they were quarreling and arguing with each other while the episode was running, according to the script. Contestants enjoy a discussion with everyone who has returned to the BB house.

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In addition, other competitors will also share their experience outside the home. Balaji spoke to Archana then Archana said why are you angry. Balaji described it as such. “I was able to speak naturally, forgetting the problems of the two. Rio, Som and KP were pronouncing Nisha as usual. Meanwhile, both Nisha and Aari were sitting alone. Then Ari likes everyone here. But everything that I have done so far has been done for competition and jealousy, ”he said.

On the other side, Nisha convinced him and supported Balaji for 70 days. Balaji gets very emotional after talking to both of them. Balaji talking to Rama Suchitra in a promo video. Balaji is shocked to see that Samyukta has come into the house. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Aari gets support from Vijay tv Sanjeev

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