Bigg Boss Tamil 4 15th November 2020 Written Episode Update: News Guest

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 15th November 2020 Written Episode Update: News Guest

While the reality show of Vijay Television has not reached viewership, Bigg Boss Season 4, Tamil, contestants are doing little to set Season 3’s level and amusing the fans of the show and now that the weekend has come, Kamal Haasan will be digging into the housemates for some of the work given to them throughout the week. However, this time there was no eviction for the contestants and everyone was declared safe, things could take an unexpected turn that will only be revealed in tonight’s episode.

Written issue of Bigg Boss Tamil 4 November 15, 2020

Despite performing spectacularly in every single act, Gabriella is the target of the hosts because she blasts many questions for Gabby. Gabby’s intrepid personality answers every question with incredible confidence and Kamal sarcastically asks about Balaji being influenced by another contestant, but participants know that Balaji is completely in control. Shivani Narayanan and Balaji’s faces finally change as the two continue their conversation.

As the contestant failed miserably to achieve the given task, BB declared a severe punishment in return for the completion of the “Patti Solai Pattaya”. As a luxury budget, the housemates faced some major consequences, and as a penalty, the 200 points were immediately deducted from their account, which dropped to 0 points, and their entire weekly ration was also canceled. Participants became very worried and began to apologize to BB.

Since the announcement, everyone has seen Balaji, as BB has rebuked him for interfering with tasks when he is definitely not needed. Balaji then sincerely apologized to Bigbas and promised not to repeat any such wrong in the future, but Rio and his team apologized for stealing food and violating the rules of the house. Ari, the captain of the house, also admitted guilt.

In addition, to celebrate the Diwali occasion, former participants of Season 2 graced the Bigg Boss 4 Tamil with their virtual look through the Wig Conference. Contestants also participated in the festival, as guests were given various fun tasks to win over the housemates, who also received spectacular prizes and points. Overall, the episode at 9:30 pm on the weekends provides a great deal of entertainment and the show can be watched daily on Vijay TV.

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