Bigg Boss Tamil 4 1st January 2021 Written Episode Update: What happened at the Big Boss house?

Even more interesting was the fact that Big Boss let go of the tightness of his voice a bit and spoke naturally with the baby. It’s amazing that the child understands that the camera is the Big Boss. What happened at the Big Boss house? – Day 88

It dawned on me with an unbearable punchline. A task for competitors on behalf of a company that sells home appliances. The house is divided into two teams. The logo of the company concerned will be divided into blocks. Whichever team first combines them and designs the logo wins for them.

The Rio team planned this efficiently. That is, their plan is to build the house on the bed and leave it upright. It ended in failure, as if to say, “Everything was fine in the beginning … your finishing was not right.”

They were given a cake and ice cream as a gift. (Don’t they hate looking at cake everyday ?!). “Would it be nice to have ice cream mango flavor?” Ramya eagerly tried to open it. (My favorite is the mango flavor … hehe).

Big Boss froze everyone while Ramya was cooking something in the kitchen room. The song ‘Kiss on the Cheek’ sounded. Whenever I hear this song, something happens inside me. It still happened. Rahman’s Magic It. The house felt like ‘someone was coming’.

It may have seemed to the audience that it was Arie’s child because it was a song about parental love for a daughter. Ari’s face looked the same. But the one who came was KP’s mother Sunita.

Sunita, who later came to the meeting, pointed out to KP that “this is often my mother.” Many times not only the mother but also the father can be the daughter. Has left.

The student, who had been postponing saying ‘Let’s study for tomorrow’, said as if he was afraid to say ‘Hi’ as the exam approached. The final will not come in a few days’, Ramya jokingly feared. “I’ll go out and drive you all,” he said briefly, “when you send us out like this and hit the title … is that your plan?” Aari replied.

“It simply came to our notice then. But whether the audience likes me or not is what matters to me. I hope you like it, “said Ramya.

When Ramya’s terrace photo shoot went viral on the internet, I wrote about it teasingly and angrily on Facebook … because it’s something I do not like to attract the attention of a woman with her glamor. I am the one who thinks that women should not voluntarily feed the patriarchal attitude of thinking that ‘woman is body’.

A woman becomes many times more beautiful only when she combines knowledge with external beauty. It was only after observing Ramya for a few days at Big Boss that he also became one of my favorite competitors. My favorite plus point about him is controlling his anger or changing direction properly. Because that is my weakness and that character attracts me the most. It is not even wrong for a woman to be intelligent and resourceful. Even if it is necessary. Her knowledge and ingenuity are much needed to defend herself in the world of men.

Let me try to explain this a bit. One of the reasons for Shivani’s setback is to continue as Bala’s shadow. They will be sitting close to the dining table, the day Kamal arrives, and the Garden Area. We have noticed this. Even so, many may be angry with the Shivani-Balaji duo.

But Ramya is different from this. Let me give you just one example. Once when Ramya was standing in the reception area saying something, Bala said, “Tell me here.” When Ramya said with a smile, “You can sit on your own, you can sit on your own,” Bala left the place and sat down.

As Ramya said, it was in a way that did not offend Bala. At the same time she was in a position to maintain her dignity. This ingenuity is a basic need of a woman. A woman has to develop such qualifications to navigate the patriarchal world.

Similarly some things in that house connecting Somu and Ramya are teased. But you may have noticed that it happens within decent limits. It is up to a woman to determine how far a man can approach himself.

The Big Boss froze everyone. Vijay TV’s template song ‘Arariroro … Naningu Pada’ sounded. But it is a song that melts the mind whenever heard. That’s when Ajith’s cheek muscles started beating. Was in a pre-existing condition. Ajith’s mother and sister entered. His mother is like big size Ajith.

Ajith controlled his emotions and walked to Audi Audi and hugged his mother. The turbulent scene of mother and son embracing deeply will surely keep us moving as well. They started speaking in Urdu and suddenly bit their tongues and said, ‘Let’s talk in Tamil only.’

“Would you fight like that to multiply this puppy area?” Ajith’s sister asked what was on our minds. The contestants sang the chorus “No vacuum cleaner”. Considering how many people there are without Weide to multiply, it would appear that the sweep is enough.

Everyone who casts their eyes upon it, wants a go. His openness is the reason why the audience forgives his grievances. So Bala is the inner man of many. Ajith’s mother’s mother is a fan of Bala. Extra would love to have Bala in their cousin hue. Ramya called him ‘Bala Mama’. “I’m very coy,” Akka said sarcastically, “we believed” to show Bala a non-violent face.

Ajith’s mother broke Ajith’s Silent Violent Secret in the church by saying, A rowdy can become a rowdy, but a rowdy should not become a rowdy Ajith!

Ajit Akka’s speech was smart. “You keep telling him the paragraph without getting involved … Someone shouldn’t tell him a little bit,” he said at the timing, “That’s why I shut my mouth.” The sister who approved it said, “That’s correct. But your advice is too long, brother.”

Akka did the same sermon when she came out and spoke secretly to Ajith. “Brother, don’t talk when you need to talk. Ramya is doing well with you. Okay … Akkanranga … Thampinranga … But what advice do you have? ” (Okay … Big Boss came home and yelled a little smarter talk). However, it is often felt that the same privilege exists within Ajith.

“Your smile is the same. Adula, look at a copy .. that’s the problem. ” The honor that had gone into the congregation came back.

“Bala’s that arrogance. I can not bear to see Ivan change and be quiet like this,” said Ajith’s mother with a humble smile, ‘Bala is suffering from poor health’.

Ajith sang the song from the movie ‘Godfather’, ‘In one word, one world, mother …’ heartily and beautifully. The composers of the Tamil film industry can give opportunities and nurture this young man. Ajith is such a wonderful singer. (Rahman’s mother, who composed the song, also remembers the tragic news of his recent disappearance).

“It’s okay even if you have two days. Play bravely and play well, “Ajith’s family said, bidding farewell. “Then you should not nominate Luxury Mark Pochu for Ajith,” said Ajith’s sister in the timing.

Just as Big Boss has faith in the biblical phrase ‘If you hit one cheek, show the other cheek too’. Bigboss said ‘loop’ just in time for Rio to tap a plate on Somu’s cheek. So the foot was falling for Somu. At this point KP and Somu hit it on the cheek and it ‘looped’ said Big Boss. So Som jokingly shouted ‘Don’t hurt’ as the blows fell on Somu’s cheek from both sides. Ramya gave the non-violent style idea, “Be like the beating … enough …”.

After a while the song ‘Tell me what you want’ sounded. Big Boss had only frozen Arie. Then it dawned on me that Ari’s family was coming. It was flexible to see the stream of water pouring from Ari’s eyes even though Adam was still.

The outside door opened as it was raining outside. People said ‘So … Sweet’ as a little girl in a yellow dress looked like a rabbit with her teeth sticking out. Ari was still motionless. He did not disperse even when the daughter came near. The Big Boss released Aria without further ado.

Everyone laughed when they saw Ria wiping her face as Ari kissed her hard. Ari wondered, ‘Papakku pallellam mulaiccutuche.’ Oh … the secret that Rhea had been showing her teeth was only now understood.

Rhea was shocked to see her father after a long day but with a smile that felt something inside. “Will Mom hide?” Ria interjected with a short smile when Ari asked that beautiful scene.

It was so cute to see Rhea say the name of each contestant in the tone of a bird shouting ‘Quick … Quick’. It’s so beautiful when Ari corrects what Ari said ‘Some’ and she corrects ‘Som’.

“Hi Ria … Welcome” said Big Boss. “How are you, Big Boss?” It’s interesting that Rhea’s response to the children’s singularity is interesting.

‘Let your mother be in the Confession Room. The child ran away as soon as Big Boss said, ‘Buy it together.’ It had a mic stuck elsewhere for the size. People guided the wandering child. When Ari greets his wife ‘affectionately’ in the darkness of the Confession Room, Rio jokingly warns, “Toy … toy … there’s a camera too … look.” One of Rio’s interesting pranks is to just pick up the baby and come out and say, “Come on, darling, let’s play another game.”

“I’m not going to say feedback. Have a good game. You ‘re still here as you are at home,” said Ari’s happy wife. He may be upset that some people are lining up to talk about Arie. “This is a bloodbath … it will be like that. We would have come knowingly … I will bring the cup … or not … I will bring the cup of tea to be here,” Ari jolly commented.

“I’m just coming here clean shit. I’m screaming a lot of things. I love everyone here more. In a way, these are the ones who identified me,” Ari said of his fellow contestants.

Outside people were playing with the way the baby was kept. Shivani also came out of her quiet nature and it was nice to see the baby cuddle. Rhea, who was playing with raindrops in her hand, was about to fall off the stairs when some people were saying, “Be careful … who is Ari Babiache?” KP teased that it is a characteristic of some children that only those who lift naturally go to them.

When the talk about Ramya came up, Ramya smiled shyly in her style, praising “What did this paragraph say … smart”. His intention is that Balaji is also a great player. After a while the Big Boss sent them on their way. Rhea kissed everyone on the cheek. Ramya cleverly brought the chocolates from inside. Riya said ‘thank you’ in Tamil. Today children do not even say basic words in Tamil. Such is the English passion.

Rhea was as amused as the rivals when Big Boss showed his affection by saying ‘By Rhea’. They said goodbye to ‘Pikipiki Boss’. ‘Beauty cub’ Rhea has entered the house like a sweet little storm and left pleasant vibrations.

“It’s not like the baby came and went,” Somu and Rio muttered. “Big Boss. Will your family come tomorrow?” Ramya heard that was cute.

“My fans were not expecting much from me … I understand very late …” Ajith said proudly bored. Balaji identified himself and Arya as the best example and identified Soma and Rio as ‘sea parties’.

It is a good thing that Balaji started talking to Shivani again. The extra good thing is that this conversation started with the ‘enough space’ needed for the Corono era. Balaji, who had praised Aryan a while back, left the list of complaints against Aryi mixed with a little good and evil and said, “He is a good game. I will regret his victory.” Balaji was now turning the plate upside down. (It’s a different mouth. It’s a smelly mouth).

What I was most looking forward to in this Freeze task was the Anita-Prabha meeting. “Let every man have a breaking point” is the bloody movie verse. Like that ‘calf’ is Anita’s breaking point word. I was waiting to see how Anita would pour out her emotions during this meeting. It is unfortunate that it did not happen.

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