Bigg Boss Tamil 4 20th December 2020: Latest Written Update

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 20th December 2020: Latest Written Update

The contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil 4 have reached the 75th day of the show. He has successfully completed eighty percent of the journey and, in the coming days, the finale will also arrive. Tonight the house gets its next hero, as the previous episode’s “Chicken vs. Fox” begins. To find out the same, a leadership function is performed where the selected contestants participate. Star Vijay, the reality show broadcaster, has released a promo of the proposed action, which can be seen at a glance.

Participants will be participants who have performed well in the past. Balaji, Archana and Ramya will face each other at the beginning of the process. There will be three colors, including red, green and blue. If Balaji has a green board, Ramaya and Archana are red and blue respectively. These three need to store the bags but use the board. Whoever collects the fastest and maximum number of bags will win the job.

After the thrills of the Neck to Neck contest, Archana defeated both Rama and Balaji. Her bags were maxed out and with that she became the captain of the BB house. However, the woman has been nominated for this week’s nominations and has received fewer votes than ever. If the votes go by, they can be sacked this Sunday, so their leadership is also canceled. And another contestant is going to replace her further.

Archana’s fight with Som Shekhar ruined her image and made it to the top of the voting list. Ari, on the other hand, topped with record votes. Aside from the action, Rama was taken to a confessional room by B.B. Rama smiles amidst the conversation with BB in the promo. Before this, Ari was also called, where BB asked whether or not he was entertained like the other contestants.

Ari confidentially replied that he could not go down to amuse people. The housemate’s body is ashamed of each other for entertainment but he is not and the personality he is showing is real to him, Ari said. However, Bibi then rounded up the conversation calling him a “disciple.” Let’s see what twist comes in Bigg Boss Tamil under Archana’s leadership and what contestant leaves the house on a weekend. Watch the show on Star Vijay at 9:30 pm.

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