Bigg Boss Tamil 4 5th January: Who will compete against Balaji by getting the victory in the second round

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 5th January: Contestants are sweating to get a major ticket, which takes them ahead of the game. The main benefit of having a ticket is that you will be a straight finalist and no one will be able to nominate or eliminate you. So, to secure their place in the Grand Finale, the war has begun. So far, Part 1 of the act Balaji Murgadas has claimed his victory.

Part 2 of the action will take place tonight. Recently, Aajeedh was eliminated from the show and left the top seven contestants. After winning the first round, Balaji is definitely ahead of other contenders. Tonight’s episode reveals who wins against Balaji by winning the second round. The two locks horns against each other and try to beat each other to get the Finale ticket.

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Apart from Balaji, the finalists will be Shivani, Rio, Aari, Gabi, Soma Shekhar and Ramya. The last nomination process occurred this Monday, where each participant had to nominate two contestants by giving a valid reason. When work started with Gabi, who went to Ramya and Balaji, Ramya chose Shivani and Gabby. While Balaji nominated Ari and Ramya, Shivani chose Rio and Somu. Somu on the other side took the name of Ari and Balaji. And with that, the conduct of the last nomination process is complete.

He told BB housemates that it was the last time they would nominate someone and no longer had to nominate anyone. In Part 1 of the Ticket to Finale task, participants were required to gently hold water balloons and prevent them from bursting. During the task, everyone’s balloons burst except Balaji, who later emerged as the winner of the action.

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In the next section, participants have to show their flexibility so that they have to balance themselves with the given prop. Whoever balances themselves until the end can win this part and add a ticket to their name. Tonight’s Big Boss Tamil episode is really anticipated, as it will finally be revealed who the first finalist on the show will be. Since Balaji won the first round, his chances of winning the second round are high.

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