Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Aari and Aranthangi Nisha conversation

The Big Boss Season 4 show started with 18 contestants last August and has now successfully reached its final week. Aari, Rio, Balaji, Som, Ramya and KP are currently advancing to the finals with 12 out so far. In this situation yesterday Bigbos said to talk about the happy, resilient moments at home. Following this everyone talked passionately about their special moments.

Aari and Balaji talked about being saved last week and winning the Som Ticket to Finale. Rio talked about his wife’s visit. Ramya said she was very emotional when Singappenne sang in the task held last week. Following this, Aranthangi Nisha, Archana, Jithan Ramesh and Rekha returned as guests at the Big Boss house yesterday. Competitors at home happily talked to them. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Rekha Harris and Archana Chandhoke highlight Balaji Murugadoss’s mistakes

Nisha also jokingly told about some of the questions she faced outside then. They ask if the script itself is what you fight for. Send food. Will Truss Iron come on? Nisha said as questioned. This aside let the Big Boss know the negative outside of the things he did at home? Balaji was talking a lot about this to everyone.

Having spoken to Rekha in the first place, it is because of you that someone else is able to gain fame. Only work for the hero if there is a villain. So that said you need this game. ‘Then am I a villain?’ Balaji asked in shock. To which Rekha said ‘You are both the hero and the villain’. When you talk to Ramesh after this, it seems on the outside that the blame is entirely on you because you spoke angrily and apologized. Ari said he fought you but did not get negative on him. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Contestants Gabriella Charlton’s Per week Salary for the show will stun you

Balaji then spoke to Archana. Then Archana said why are you angry. Balaji described it as such a situation. I was able to forget the problems the two had and talk naturally. Rio, Som, and KP were articulating Nisha as usual. Meanwhile Nisha and Aari both sat alone and talked. Then Ari likes me everyone here. But they say everything I did so far was done for competition and jealousy, “said Kankalangi.

And they say that the critic is not like that. He says he acted hard just because they wanted to be nice. Nisha who convinced him I have been with you here for 70 days. Convince him as you know it is not so. It is learned in the first promo released today that Suchitra and Samyukta have arrived at the Bigg Boss house today as they are expected to stay inside the Bigg Boss house for four more days. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 final week Samyuktha and Suchitra re enter

In the first promo released today, Balaji and Ramya are talking to Suchitra. Balaji’s eyes widen when he sees Samyukta coming there. Convincing him, Sam said the question arose as to whether he had supported Balaji outside. Ramya mentions Arya saying that she took it so that it would not become a riot and told me to support Balaji for that too. There are scenes where Balaji says that if they say hi, they will say that there is a group here.

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