Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Bala 3rd Finalist after him Rio, Ramya and Gabby were in final

Kamal Hasan entered the stage and greeted everyone. He says last week he said good-bye to the New Year. This time he wants pongal greetings. They are talking about farmers. Pongal is the work of farmers. He hopes that agriculture will be a respected work. They start talking to competitors. Bala says his costume is great. Pongal greets Kamal. He contacted the weekly Hamam caller. He says his name is Kartik. He admires Kamal and said he has crossed four generations that he is going to share with our children. He says he wants to question Aari. He greeted them. He asks him if he is questioning other housemates to improve.

Has he made any mistakes here? He says he did it and he fixed it. He is asking Kamal about the cow? He also says he has cows in his house. They are sharing about Jallikattu. They explain their story to them. Kamal apologizes for taking his time. Housemates said their stories were good to hear. He says that he likes those antics because he confuses others. Aari says he loved his acting in it. Kamal says he wrote the story emotionally.

Kamal says the final is near. After they get the trophy they are asked to say what they want on stage. I thank Rio for voting for him and for making it happen. Somu says I would like to thank him for receiving this monument. Aari thanks them and says they played this game honestly. Gabby says he accepted her as Gabby for that.

Shivani says thank you people. This step made her realize her potential. Bala says he understands his own potential. He played a very rude and arrogant game here, though he did manage to win the show and make it a day in his life. Ramya says that I thank everyone for voting for him.

Who is saved by the people? He says after the break. Housemates deny it. Asked its kiddish right child Kamal? Bala blinked. Asked Kamal why he thought he was the chosen one when his name was accidentally mentioned? He nods. Kamal says yes he is the 3rd finalist here. Bala starts to cry and thanks him. Aari hugs him and the housemates applaud him.

Kamal takes a break and leaves. Bala cries as she hugs Rio. Gabby hugs him. Ramya hugs him. They are clapping him. Bala says he was scared because people thought he might be bad. Turns out their image ups a week. But he is happy to know that the people’s decision made him very emotional.

Kamal enters the stage and starts talking to the contestants. Kamal asks the housemates what they have taken out of the house and is about to leave the house. Ramya says others were thinking of mistakes for the nomination process. Bala says he will leave his anger here. They want to take on unity in diversity. Shivani says she wants to take over

Gabby is going to take her out of sincerity and tell her she is skipping the thought and learning process she takes out. Ari says I take the quality of questioning others. He has learned to respect women here, who treat them as equals. Somu says he has learned many things here. He controls his anger and never throws words at anger.

He cries more and opens more. Rio tells him that he was going away from the man he was disappointed with. He’s going to talk to everyone. Kamal tells him about a Famous book and shares its biases. He is characterizing its quality.

Ramya says she needs a body massage. Bala says he learned how to adjust his body without Jim. He did not take any food or food but he still maintains the body. Kamal praises it. Bala tells Kamal that if Aari gets out of the house, he will buy farm land and cultivate it. Then they go to Goa. Shivani says she enjoys spending time with her family and vacationing. Gabby also mentioned the same thing.

Aari says she enjoys spending time with her daughter. He helps his wife in cooking. Somu says he will go and hug his mother and take her dog for a walk. Rio says he goes to the woods to see his daughter. Kamal admires Bala’s words and says that he liked his thoughts because nothing has been mentioned yet about mobile. It’s good.

Kamal asks the remaining contestants to sit together. On the way, he asks Rio where he is going. He can sit with them. They thank him. Kamal said he was a 4th finalist. He embraced them and thanked the Rio voters. I will reveal the rest of the list after the break, ”says Kamal.
Rio told everyone he would never go to the final. He is sorry for that. Thank you to the people who voted for him and spoke with the camera for saving Bala. Please forgive him if he does something wrong.

Kamal entered the stage. He is promoting a book to an audience. Theni Sirudayam’s Niranjalin Mozhi. He congratulated them. He wished them a happy Pongal.
They start talking to competitors. Kamal says there are three contestants. The two will advance to the final. One gets laid off today. Kamal asks the male contestants to enter whom they are eliminating today. Saved by Kamal Ramyal. Ramya thanks the audience. Kamal takes the card and shows it to the housemates.

thas the name of Shivani on it. Bala hugs her and tells her that she played well here. Everyone is hugging her and wishing her well. He is applauding her. Bala says she is proud of her. Shivani asks Ramya to pack her things and send them. Shivani takes her pot and goes to the garden area. She gives everyone a coin. Bala, Gabby and Ramya give them flowers. Shivani bidding for her. Bala is singing a Singa Penne song. Bigg Boss calls her Shiv, he advises her that this is any test she has encountered in this house. He wishes her well.

Arya tells Ramya that when she sees her going out after work, it feels painful. Somu says she has done her job well. She somehow escaped eviction, teasing Rio Ramya. Somu also joins him and teases her.

Kamal Hasan entered the stage and greeted Shivani on stage. Shivani comes to the stage. He tells her that he fulfilled his mother’s wish. She is an action-filled girl. If her mother arrives a few weeks early, she can do good. He commends her for the great work. Kamal says that he liked her behavior. He loved watching her mother obey her on the platform. She didn’t act like a 19-year-old girl. Shivani says she was proud because he admired her. She says she entered here for fun but she learned a lot at home. Kamal Hasan played a video of him sending.

Shivani starts talking to the housemates. They say everyone is a finalist so there is nothing to say. She wishes her well. Aari says she is missing in this house but she proved her best here. He applauded her. Kamal asks her to use this stage and become a star. She thanks him and walks away. Kamal takes a break.

Kamal starts talking to the contestants. Kamal wished him well. They say everyone is a winner for them. He informs them that Pongal will come in the middle of the week so he cannot visit them, so he wished in advance.

On the 98th day 8.20 Ramya praises the cock. Bala says she never even drank her cold coffee. Bala says he performed well. Aari says her family is proud of them.
Ramya says Shivani and Ramya dress together. Bala says Shivani is a good child and she never shares bad things about others. Such a super personality.

At 9.20 the housemates are touching the good day machine and getting sweet words from it.

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