Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Eviction: Fans want Balaji to be eliminated with a red card for his actions

Balaji, who had been quiet for several weeks, is now back to his normal self, thanks to his brother who asked him to show his full potential. Balaji made a controversial statement about the title of winners in the past seasons, and they did not show their full potential yesterday.

He said would not be happy if Aari won the award. Thus the expectation of matches this week was met yesterday.

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Aari started the fight by nominating Balaji for the least interesting show this week. As usual, Balaji intercepted Ari in the middle of explaining why he had nominated Aari.

Ari was outraged, and he told Balaji he was rude. The quarrel broke out between the two. They were eventually selected as two interesting performers for the week and sent to jail.

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There was an altercation between the two as they went to jail, and Balaji Murugadas scolded Aari during the heated argument and broke the microphone. Viewers believe Balaji should be expelled from the Bigg Boss house for giving him a red card.

Also, Aari fans are asking Kuruppam to show that Balaji is wrong in his opinion. We will have to wait for the weekend to see if Balaji is punished for his actions. Also, #RedCardForBalaji is trending on social media.

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