Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Grand Finale show extend for 6 hours tomorrow

The grand finale of the Bigg Boss show, which has been broadcast for 6 hours, has now been released. The moment that Bigg Boss fans have been waiting for has come to a close.

Who is the winner in the title? Fans are waiting to see what surfers are waiting for at the Grand Finale. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Grand Finale Written Episode Update: Top 5 Finalists

Shooting day will be held every week for the Saturday episode shooting Friday and Sunday episode shooting Saturday. So, whoever was evicted that week on the Big Boss show will be in the league a day earlier. In this case, the grand finale shooting is scheduled to start at 8 am tomorrow.

Mayana silence

The grand finale is approaching. But, Big Boss rivals are embarrassed instead of happy at all. The situation of Rio, Bala and Ramya in particular is very worrying. There is an eerie silence in the Big Boss house Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Contestants Reveal Kamal Haasan why they are sad

Kamal Correct will do

Looking at the second promo, it seems that Kamal Karek will prepare the contestants for the grand finale of all the worries of the contestants in Saturday’s show. Success? Failure? 5 people may be happy to be free!

6 hours

Speaking on the 3rd promo of the Big Boss show, Kamal Haasan announced that tomorrow’s grand finale will start at 6 pm and will continue for 6 hours. The grand finale of the Big Boss show will conclude at 12 p.m. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Grand Finale: Kamal Hassan Congratulates the finalists

Your decision

Also, speaking on this third promo, Kamal said that only one of these 5 is going to be the title winner and the day when your results will be announced is tomorrow. Many Big Boss fans are expecting Ari to be the title winner with the most votes.

More votes

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Season title winner Aari is said to be the one who got the most votes this week as usual. They are also claiming to be the runner-up Rio Raj. It is noteworthy that last week Balaji Murugadoss got more votes. The real result will be known tomorrow.

What will be

While Kamal has said that tomorrow’s Big Boss show is 6 hours, fans are questioning why 6 hours to give the title to Ari. They are wondering who will be the special guest and what is going to be special. Also Read Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Vote Results Today 17 January 2021

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