Bigg Boss Tamil 4 January 3 LIVE UPDATES: Kamal Hassan Scolds Shivani’s Mother

Kamal Haasan will be joining Bigg Boss Tamil 4 to guide the contestants and reveal the name of the contestant who will be leaving the show. The hosts will launch the Star Vijay TV reality show by welcoming viewers with a sweet smile.

Later, the spat between Aari and Balaji was highlighted and the superstar tried to understand the reason behind the argument. Both Aari and Balaji separately told the hosts about their fight and Kamal tried to resolve it. Moreover, in tonight’s episode, Kamal digs into Shivani’s mother’s behavior.

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Yes, in the freeze action that occurred the previous week, the contestants had to meet their family members and friends. During the function, Shivani Narayanan’s mother arrived.

After they hugged each other, Shivani’s mother became angry with Shivani and scolded her for not playing so well. She was educated by Shivani for not playing independently. The meeting was disqualified after the Shivani program was disqualified.

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Keeping track of the situation, Kamal telephones Shivani’s mother and addresses herself as Shivani’s lawyer instead of the narrator of the game. He did not treat his daughter properly, and he began to scold her for scolding her on live television, where the entire nation could witness his visit.

She could have kept her tone polite while talking to Shivani, and instead of demotivating her, she could have taught things with love and explained what she needed to improve in the game.

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