Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Netizens slammed Vijay tv for not show separate promo for Sanam shetty entry

While the first two promos do not show Sanam Shetty’s intro, the third promo will show Sanam Shetty’s arrival.

Vijay TV is planning to discriminate by showing the love gang arrival and the posh gang arrival as a demonstration and making Aari look ugly. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Female Contestants Salary details Rekha, Sanam Shetty, Suchitra

Allegations have surfaced that the Big Boss team and Vijay TV are clearly fighting to lift the title winner trophy for Rio.

Fans who saw Sanam Shetty in the second promo have been scattering the Bigam poster as our Sanam frenzy to get Sanam Darshan in the third promo as well. Fans are expecting that only Sanam Shetty will support Aari and wedge Bala.

I can’t tell you what Aari Tappe did this season. That’s why the fans have been praising him and continuing to drive him to victory, the fan commented.

“All our attention is on Hotstar Otting! … Arike Fifty Driving! ..” Netizens have been saying that Ari will win if the votes are decided by votes only, otherwise it is Vijay TV’s thief crap.

Love Gang Total

For the past week the Love Gang has been making the whole Big Boss home closet again. Netizens have been saying that Archana can’t stand Rio’s loudness and that Archana has not changed a bit since she came out.

People’s heroine Sanam

Even though Vijay TV discriminated against Sanam Shetty without putting a separate promo, Sanam is the first person to go and say consolation to Rekha, people heroine Sanam.

We are looking forward to today’s show only to see the moment when Aari and Sanam Shetty meet again and talk. Ivanka Rendu Reunion will be the highlight today. Vijay TV is celebrating that no matter what Dillalangadi does, they cannot be stopped.

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