Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Netizens trolled Bigg Boss contestants plan after eviction

Netizens have been jokingly reacting to the housemates’ response when Kamal asked them what to do when they went out.

When Shivani goes home, his mother tries to look terribly at him, thinking that he has not said any plan. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Kamal says house mates behaving looks like kiddish

Rio’s plan is the one that many people are vying for.

This serious Big Boss fan has commented that Aari is the title winner who traveled without liking or hating. Every day, he keeps posting tweets and comments for Aari. Unified fans have also been editing and releasing mash-up videos dedicated to Aari.

The man who was just like a gun .. The next moment he knew we had made a mistake, his eyes watered .. Look, Aari’s fans are mimicking that Chinese as a compliment to his good mind. It is healthy that the Aari Army, which has so far fought with Bala, is also praising Bala.

Love Big Boss won the house or not .. Honesty Big Boss won the house .. Congratulations This fan as Aari Army has been saying congratulations to Aari’s fans. It is noteworthy that the votes of the people in the final round will be higher for A*rike.

Of the 16 people who came in, only brother Rio was extremely depressed in this BB jail. Go to the forest! Aari, Balajilam Keshuvala be bought every week .. Why this overreaction to Rio? Take the box this week from Avlo Kaduppa! As Rio is being ambushed.

As Shivani goes out this week, some netizens have portrayed her as a lioness.

KP has come a long way so far. KP fans are really hard pressed not to praise him, he may have put his speech in Athlete Purmo, and why discriminate like this. It was special that Ramya went near when she was crying and her fans praised her for comforting Ramya who was not crying.

Balaji Murugadoss is the entertainer of the season and wished his Goa trip a good one. Can’t stand another lockdown Sami!

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