Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Aajeedh and Ramya are on the eviction list

Everyone knows that Gabriella was saved by Kamal Haasan yesterday as Aajeedh, Shivani, Soma Shekhar, Gabriella and Ramya were on the nomination list at the Bigg Boss house this week. So it is clear that only Gabriella of the five received the most votes.

In this case, the previously released video shows that only Aajeedh and Ramya are on the elimination list, so it is significant that Kamal Haasan has already saved both Shivani and Som Shekhar.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Who is evicted this week from bigg boss tamil

In this case, Aajeedh has been sacked this week, so it is clear that Ramya is the last person to be evicted and she is only fourth out of five nominations. It is noteworthy that Ramya could have been ousted if he received less than two votes this week.

Fans initially applauded Ramya for going to the finals and predicted him to be the award-winning Ramya, and now, suddenly, when he finally looks saved, it’s clear how much Arya fans have worked against Ramya this week.

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Ari and Ramya are constantly quarreling with each other; If Ari seems to be straight forward with his words, Ramya will use tactics to target Ari. It will be interesting to see if Ramya escapes elimination next week or enters the final stage or votes.

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