Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Ramya shivani impress in the final task bigg boss tamil season 4

It is truly commendable that women are resolutely attacking when men give up because of the arrogance that has arisen within them, even in the task of having to hold on to the rope for a long time. It is once again proven that mental strength is greater than physical strength and that women have more of it. Also Read Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Vote Results Today 9 January 2021

The song ‘Singappenne’ for the timing to suit the context of the environment, the two women in the field were praised by fellow men and the scene where the women were emotional was truly amazing. The disappearance of gender differences was an example of the shift in gender equality to flourish.

I even looked at Pramo and left thinking that Shivani and Ramya were crying uncontrollably. It’s like the next day the family is throwing the ball at each other.

Entertained with the song ‘Let Me Tell A Little Story’. Vijay fan Ramya would have been extra happy. Vijay sings ‘Design Designa Problem Will Come and Go’ is good timing. (Only 50 percent of the seats are allowed ?!).

The task of saying Vidya Vidya justice started again as soon as it dawned. Balaji sang ‘Nilayir Briel’ as an LKG child model. Ari said the meaning of it. ‘Never let yourself down from your good position’. Balaji started the panchayat vaguely by saying, ‘I will give it to you.’

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