Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Shivani evicted, No more playing with six people

“Let’s go for a walk … put on make-up for me … sin. Do you want to be on the final stage?” Ramya asked her friend’s section.

Some things like Secret Room, Phase II Wild Card Entry have not happened this season. It would have been even more interesting if all that had happened. Competitors of past seasons, it would be nice if Corono came home from practical difficulties to greet current competitors. Will you come

Okay … what happened on day 98 ?!

Kamal was wearing a coat in an unobtrusive sandalwood color. The tie was different. Made of wood and world. Vivek wipes his mouth with the tie he wears in a movie comedy. Introducing the tie style worn by Kamal to the school students like that will help the scale to put margin on the paper for urgency. (I have a lot of ideas like this … Who cares ?!).

“He sells cell phones and makes a profit. He who sells shoes becomes rich … But the farmer who wants to give us rice is gone … Why?” Kamal, who questioned the source of the tragedy, said ‘Pongal greetings’.

In the ‘Collar of the Week’ someone called Karthik. If you look at his voice, it was like the voice of director Vasant. It seems that those who come like this will only give permission if they start with ‘World Man’ and praise Kamal. He began, “What is your advice to all generations?” To hear that, Kamal said, “Honesty … that is the essential requirement from the time of Socrates to the time of Lord Ari.”

The caller who came asked a question boldly towards Arie. (Remember the Aryan supporters, are you afraid, Brother ?!) Is there anything wrong with you? ” That is Karthik’s question. “If anyone points out my shortcomings … I will try to stop and apologize,” said Ari.

Turning the car back to Kamal, Karthik said, “My nickname is ‘Chandiyar’. I will call him by that name.” It is true that the freedom of artists should not be eroded. But if the peace of the community is disturbed by his artistic endeavor then the artist must have self-responsibility and attention to it.

Otherwise technically correct as well. There is no doubt that ‘Virumandi’ is a classic venture in terms of screenplay as well. It was through this that the technique of ‘live sound’ was introduced to Tamil cinema. Kamal has given many things like this to Tamil cinema. It may also have been said that the screenplay is based on ‘Rashomon Strategy’.

Kamal, who shared his experiences of shooting ‘Virumandi’, returned to Big Boss saying, “Sari … I was a little overwhelmed.” “By the way sir … it would be nice to know old things through you” the contestants flexed.

“What are you talking about in the Big Boss title?” Kamal’s question to the contestants is a ritual.

“I’m happy. At times I did not have much faith in myself. But I’m glad you trusted me. I’ll correct you from the wrong. “I was Nana,” Som concluded succinctly. “It’s a victory for the people,” Ari muttered. “Thanks to the people who voted for me too,” KP said. Shivani said the same thing.

“I came here for my identity. Jaikkanumnu Nenakkala. I would have played a different kind of Nencha game like that. I was the only one here. Can you forgive me for all my anger. It is as if you have seen me reflecting on you. Thank you for remembering me,” said Balaji. (Don’t be afraid to talk like this!).

“It simply came to our notice then. It’s a big deal if millions of people look up and vote. Big Boss has no area with me. I am a private person. However, I have come to the rescue, “said Ramya with a smile.

“Rio … your tongue is not right … don’t be sorry we went wrong. I have a chance to write Ariar. Can you write the exam again? ” Rio sat down to ask Kamal “Enough sir … I’m happy to be a Border Boss”.

“What Balaji … Selakkiyama?” When Kamal inquired, Balaji woke up and said, “Nathanya Save …” Kamal said. Balaji fell down like Ari and touched the ground. Then Kavik Kavi started crying like a child. Was. Just be a little more relaxed, “said Balaji, explaining why he was crying.

“Pericu is an apologetic character … you bought me a second kiss,” said Ari. (As Som said is true. This season’s real love story is Balaji – Ari).

It looks like he started from Ramya this time because he ‘needs time to think’, not starting from Rio. Ramya said, “It’s very difficult to think of a nomination. I do not like to find fault with someone else.” I will try to fight, “Ramya concluded.

“Oh … that’s the seed … that’s the weeds,” Kamal summed up Ramya’s tweet.

“Anger is my problem. I’m going to leave it,” Balaji continued, “I will no longer follow Unity in diversity.” That was a surprise to us. This is okay too. More than this, we had to shout, ‘Amavasai … you don’t know all this overa’ when Balaji’s udars continued, “I am going to buy land and cultivate according to Ari’s advice.”

“I will take the patience,” Shivani said.

“I will not stop asking questions, sir. It’s my social duty, sir, but I’m still asking questions. My favorite song is ‘What is the answer to my question?’

“Usually I don’t cry. But I came here and cried. I will cry no more,” Som said strangely. In response, Kamal said, “This is a good thing. Only a white man will be ashamed to cry.” I think Western people, especially men, are not itching to cry in public. But Ingo cries, ‘Pull on the men’ and stand with a mustache twisted. But inside, tears are flowing.

The most important thing Rio said was to ‘follow’, “I’m going to push him away if he’s caught me. That’s my routine. To be underlined and understood. ‘Stay away from the wicked’ is a good thing. But even the wicked can find and appreciate some of the virtues.

Kamal, quoting the African novel ‘Store up the Anger’, exhorted Rio to say, “Ten paise is useless. “This is what Bharathi said about ‘Relathiram Palaku’. I went to his house recently. It was a good experience,” said Kamal.

‘People … I am not responsible for all this. We had to yell inward when people were listing their virtues in this area, as Countess Mani shouts, ‘Don’t believe what Ivy said.’

‘I am the Prime Minister but.’ Following the article, Kamal, a teacher, gave the children a homework entitled ‘When I went on vacation’. ‘What’s the first thing on the Big Boss end?’ That is the question.

“I want a body massage,” said Ramya. Balaji of “I am going to farm”. (I did not say how to trust the new moon). “I am going to go to Goa sir …” he continued. (Hmm … this is a believable model!). “See you daughter,” Ari muttered. (gold fish). “Eat and go to the forest, sir,” said Rio. (‘Settle there’ may be the counter-Army’s Mind Voice).

“You’re a good guy. Have you ever heard someone want a cell phone? Get out there,” Kamal chuckled. (I didn’t expect Kamal to be so naive. Get rid of it. Do you need this drama despite the Moral Class ?!)

When Kamal said “Okay … let the saved ones sit down together” Rio got up miserably and went to sit in the nomination row … “Rio … you sit there” said Kamal (can you give a twist). As expected, the Love Alliance was overjoyed at Rio’s victory. Balaji kissed Rio and surprised her.

After Kamal left the break, Rio jokingly said, “Who told you I wouldn’t make it to the finals? Come and stand in line now.” Ramya and Shivani were browsing outside with worried faces as KP said, “My name is still history.” (Shivani can see the water!).

The uniformed man, who had a very poor background, lost his sight in adolescence. It is the least that can be corrected with the simplest treatment. But poverty does not allow for that. Vision has returned under the guidance of a good man after being educated in a school for the blind. But it has become invalid because it is a ‘certificate of schooling for the blind’. So it has become difficult to get a job. Returning sight to a person suffering from bipolar disorder does not solve the problem. So his father’s business of selling peanuts on the road progressed a little to the point where he could put on a uniform and then a fruit shop.

Although he lost his eyesight at a young age, he was only able to see colors dimly. The world he created with it is the ‘language of colors’. When we look at the sufferings that have come in the past, all our suffering seems to be dust.

‘Remember which of these three women will be saved?’ When asked that the male contestants did not give a direct answer except that they said something hammer hammer. Kamal, who was annoyed, said, “Okay, Pongappa.”

Kamal then gave a slight buildup and Shivani shrugged as expected when he showed Shivani’s card as the name of the person to be evicted. Waiting for a tense message is cruel. There is relief inside when you happen to know it … aha … that ecstasy was visible in Shivani’s eyes.

Balaji greeted Shivani as if congratulating the Guinness World Record holder for ‘I am so proud of you’. Then he ran away and brought a flower from the plant. (Look at Mom!) Despite the troubled face, the other contestants tried to cheer Shivani on by singing ‘Singappenne’ as she tried to leave with a smile on her face. Shivani shouted, ‘Enough … let go.’ Balaji picked up the missed coin from Shivani’s collar. (She is a great goddess … Sarathkumar falls at her feet and receives blessings!).

“Have you been idle so far. But have you achieved the difficult task of getting out …” Shivani’s pride was later spoken.

Kamal had earlier teased Ramya saying ‘Come on Karakattakkari Bosla’ or something. Ramya’s group was talking about how it would be to take ‘Karakattakkaran – Part-2’ and it became an interesting teasing conversation. It was a great joke that everyone looked back at KP asking ‘Who is the’ Kovai Sarala ‘character’. Balajithan Minor Kunchuvam. This is Somu’s advice.

Until he came on stage, Kamal called him ‘Shivani’. “Paravalla … what did you wish for mother. You reddened it for the last time. You disturbed the action scene …” Kamal praised and said, “Would it have been better if my mother had come two weeks earlier” was a good satire.

‘Your mother would not be happy now,’ said Kamal amused. Whether Shivani is scared or not … Kamal seems to be more scared thinking of that lady. “You are 19 years old. You have good character though. You do not hurt anyone. Even if your mother comes and scolds you, do not say a word against you. It would not have been good if you had fought,” Kamal said, still enjoying the compliment. (Maybe you were expecting Fight China ?!).

“It simply came to our notice then. Jaliya may have come. (?!). I screamed for patience, ”Shivani said indifferently. “But … Almost come close to victory and fight out,” said Kamal, “that’s why it’s hard on the mind.” (I wonder you’ve been around all day).

“Couldn’t you have had an AV fight scene ?!” Ari teased after that. ” It was awesome, “Shivani said proudly.” What did I tell you? Congratulating his fellow contestants, Shivani said, “Be happy. Congratulations on becoming a big star.”

The contestants, who were sitting down and talking ‘Akkada’, suddenly woke up when they saw Kamal on TV. “Nothing … I can’t see you in the middle. Happy Pongal” Kamal left. (This is Sami … come again and scare me!).

Ramya said, “It would have been nice if Shivani had not played well. It’s hard to have given up the whole effort in the last week.”

“Let’s go for a walk … put on make-up for me … sin. Didn’t you want to be on the final stage?” Ramya said counting on her friend’s section.

An object called a weighing machine used to be in theaters and commercial buildings. Whether people notice the weight on the card or not, there will be more cashiers for the ‘six sentences’ printed on it. In fact that machine prophecy does not see everything. The printed card comes at random. People know this. An ‘it’ in rejoicing for it though.

The film ‘Satya’ starring Kamal would have teased this thing very well. Kamal picks up a trash can and puts it on the weighing machine to get the slip saying ‘Your love will be in hand soon’. Just as a machine was placed on the doorstep of the Big Boss, people were delighted to see their prophetic sentences.


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