Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Som and Rio are Targeting Aari in Second Promo

Bigg Boss Tamil 4: The second promo for today’s episode of Big Boss has been released. There has been a big change in the housemates’ activity after last week’s freeze task at the Big Boss house.

Some housemates are polite to Aari. Some housemates are fighting him in an attempt to tarnish Aari’s name.

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Especially Balaji, who has been doing what I put Aari to do. Cindy looks at Aari’s self-esteem as if he doesn’t have him. His mood changes minute by minute.

Balaji, who speaks disparagingly and insultingly of Arya, immediately apologizes for tying up for fear that the drive we get in the next few minutes will be affected. And the camera alone has been influencing the audience by misrepresenting Aari before.

Balaji, who had changed a little in between, started wrestling with Aari, following what his brother told him to become the old Balaji when he came home. Fans have been saying this for days.

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In this case, the second promo of today’s episode has been released. In it Rio and Som are sitting and talking in their usual place in the Garden Area. Som, who was speaking at the time, came out of the house and told the old Palawa Kanom that he was a model.

He must be fighting .. sin .. now he is playing like this and the reason is that he saves. Fear came to him .. Balaji would have played well except for all the fights.

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Rio, which refutes Sommin’s view, seems to have played Balaji Correcta just after a point. Som asks if it’s halfway there, everyone is wrong above .. he can not say everything above.

Some people are very wrong above .. I do not want to say who it is. Fans who have seen Som speak have been blasting Som and Rio that it is crystal clear that you are just building the grid.

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